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29 weeks Pregnant and preparing for labour day….

So the time has just flown by and here I find myself so close to 30 weeks pregnant and preparing for the final stretch. I am so excited for the birth and hoping that everything goes well with my planned vbac birth that we are sooooo looking forward to. I am definitely a bit on my nerves and in a rush to get everything done and ready. The time goes so fast that I know it seems like 10 more weeks is long but it will be gone before I know it. Here are a few things I have been busy with and ways I have been preparing.

28 weeks pregnant

How to prepare for labour…

This is something that is on my mind every single day now, How to prepare my body for labour. I think by now I have basically covered it all. I am doing exercise and squats and practicing my breathing for pain relief during labour. I have researched and started attempting perineal massage or tho at this stage to be blunt and honest I feel like my vagina is closed for the winter and getting in there to massage is proving to be a mission. It is shown tho that massage and gentle stretching of the perineum helps prepare the area for stretching during labour and lessens your chance of tearing.

I am also drinking all kinds of herbal teas like alfalfa and raspberry leaf tea to help prepare for labour and hopefully make some kind of difference to the success of things in the end. This added to the intake of an iron supplement and folic acid and pre & pro biotics and and and the list can go on but it does feel like it is half the pharmacy every day. But for the health of me and the baby at this stage I will do what it takes!

20 weeks ultrasound

Staying fit and active the last two months of pregnancy…

Even tho I do not go running anymore, I am still trying to stay as active as possible to keep my fitness levels up because it is important for helping towards an easier labour. So I am doing squats and stretches and some leg lifts and walking around. Going to work every day as most people do and also just general house stuff and running around after my 3 year old seems to be doing the trick! Strengthening my legs with squats and other leg exercises does make me feel stronger and more confident and this goes a long way in boosting my mental positivist towards it all.

Pregnancy Nesting feelings?!

What the hell is this intense nesting feeling that I get! I feel sorry for the lovely cleaning lady I have on Mondays because this is usually the day I tend to want to move the entire house around and then back again! The sudden urge to get my house ready for baby and for my own comfort is really proving to be annoying. I find myself some days standing in the house and wanting to just magically re arrange everything and paint a different color but I can’t and this frustration makes me feel a bit lost and uncomfortable in my space. Better kept busy folding the same load of baby clothes over for the 10th time and sorting them according to size or color. Making lists is one thing that does seem to sooth me a bit.

Pregnancy at 28 weeks

Preparing my husband for labour

seriously , is this even a topic?! But yes it is also important to prepare my husband, and especially so because we have planned such a natural interactive as a couple birth that I need him 100% on board. I need him available on the day my labour starts and I need him to know where everything is and what the exact plans are so that nothing goes wrong. Between him and my very helpful and lovely midwife they are my support team for the big day and I am so thankful to have them and the extra strength they bring to the situation! My husband also needs to pack a little bag for himself for this day or tho we have not even gotten to doing that but he may also need his cell charger, camera, food, extra clothes in case I bleed all over him lol (hopefully not, this is just what my mind imagines)

These are really just the things on my mind at the moment… I am also stressing about not going into labour naturally. With my first pregnancy labour never happened and I just ended up over due and with a c-section. My entire Birth plan this time is obviously attached to me having to go into labour so this may be why I am over stressing getting my body ready.

That’s all from me for now! Till the next check in.

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  1. Nickhi says:

    Hi Melissa!
    I think any pregnancy (first / second) has it’s own little worries. Explain to your Doctor that you didn’t go into labour with your first child, so the option for an induction is made available to you. My mother’s water couldn’t break naturally, the process had to be ‘helped along’, though otherwise she could deliver us all ‘naturally’.

    1. Melissa says:

      Hi Nickhi , I have discussed it with everyone but because It is a vbac birth it is not good to induce, Inducing causes contractions that are more intense and because the one risk i have is uterine rupture this is not good and at the end of the day it effects my chances of having a successful natural birth. Its a bit of a complicated situation lol

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