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5 Favorites Post – Issey Miyake Pleats Please

I have so many products that rotate as my favorite products but these 5 have stayed in the top 5 position for a while now so i think they are definitely worth mentioning to everyone!

5 favorites post

ColourPop Eyeshadow: This ColourPop super shock eyeshadow in “Get Lucky” is my favorite eye color at the moment, It is an intense gold color and the color pigment is out of this word grand! The feeling and soft creamy texture of the product is also dreamy and it has fantastic lasting power. I always get the nicest complements when I wear this shade and I find the gold makes my blue eyes pop, Gosh I just love it so so much! We don’t get ColourPop in South Africa but I was lucky enough to buy this from someone. If you can get your hands on some or see it on a swap group then be sure to grab it up as fast as you can. I am considering bribing someone to ship me some ;)

Colourpop Eyeshadow get lucky
Colourpop eyeshadow get lucky

Essence Lash Princess Mascara: I have used this one finished and that for me is an odd thing for a mascara cause normally mine dry up before I get around to finishing them. This was such a bargain buy at Dischem for R56 and it turned out to be the best mascara I have. I have been trying some top brands and this still kicked ass! It gives a deep black false lash look with thick long lashes!! I know, I know… every second mascara promises a “False lash effect” I Truly do feel that this one lived up to that promise! This will be the first mascara in a long time that i will repurchase :) So Thanx Essence for making a fantastic product!

Essence Lash Princess Mascara
Essence Lash Princess Mascara

Lancome Nutrix royal Body Lotion: Winter is dry and cold and our skin tends to suffer from it, It is good to have a trusty side kick body lotion that you can trust and love to keep your skin looking its best and hydrated through winter months. My current favorite body lotion is this fantastic Lancome Nutix Royal. It feels good, smells good and does its job well so that is everything I need in a lotion. Great quality, a little goes a long way and nourishes skin perfectly to keep it glowing and even.

Lancome Nutrix Royal
Lancome Nutrix royal body lotion

Kevin Murphy Plumping Rinse: Where on earth has this Conditioner been all my life?!!! I seriously have developed a very big Kevin Murphy addiction and its making me broke lol…. But hay it is oh soooooo very muchly worth it!!! Worth every last cent of it. I don’t always match my shampoo and conditioner, currently I am washing with the Kevin Murphy Hydrate me wash and using the Kevin Murphy Plumping Rinse. The Plumping rinse is truly a wonder product, It has become my holy grail of conditioners. the product is for people with thinning or fine hair, It is a densifying Conditioner that plumps up while strengthening and promoting hair growth. Well it does exactly that and that is not really what im using it for. I am using it cause of how it makes my hair feel, if gives my hair a smooth springy texture like no other conditioner has ever before!! It leaves my hair smooth and soft with incredible shine!! The kind of hair you just wanna sit and touch all day :) So I will continue to spend all my money on KM! Go shop At and check out all the products! Even if u buy the Little sample bottles in the May Test Box (its on sale at the mo) You will be hooked! Plus the sample size bottles are so Cute, ill be using them when I travel this weekend to the Blog Awards

Kevin Murphy Plumping Rinse
Kevin Murphy Plumping rinse

Issey Miyake Pleats Please : I love buying a new fragrance, I collect them and have so many! A lot of the time I find that fragrances can smell so similar and I like to find one that really stands out from the rest! One that when people smell it and they know it then they know what it is that i am wearing! This Issey Miyake Pleats Please is very unique :) To me it smells like pink sweets and is such a soft powdery, girly sweet smell. I absolutely adore it and the bottle has a awesome design! I bought a small bottle and i have probably been enjoying it too much because its basically half empty already.

Issey Miyake Pleats Please
Issey Miyake Pleats Please

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  1. I love Pleats Please as well. It really is a unique scent and it’s strong but doesn’t give me a headache.

  2. Brittany says:

    I love that Colourpop shade! I stumbled upon your blog looking on Google for pretty Colourpop eyeshadows and seeing your swatch made me buy` it instantly! :)

    1. Melissa says:

      Hi Brittany! I am so glad you bought your self one! I love colourpop Cosmetics even tho you Cant even buy it here in South Africa. Do you have any other colourpop items you love?

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