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The latest summer collection from Schnooky Pie has launched and the girly dresses are sooo gorgeous! They are really awesome when it comes to Baby clothes. I also have a little Discount code for you below :)

We got sent two of them for the girls to try out and I am in love, I actually asked if they could make it in an adult size because I would totally wear it all the time. The fabric is so soft and the quality is amazing.

I was surprised at how the design is elegant and classy yet the girls are still able to run around and have fun in them, Violet who is some where between walking and crawling is able to do both while wearing the dress and Zoe is super impressed that she can do her pretty ballerina twirls AND still run around to kick a ball!

So let us have a look at these whimsical dresses!

cute baby clothes

If you have a little girl then I bet you are screaming that you want one of each!! I want that unicorn lol

Some of these are only availible on pre order so hurry over to the Schnooky Pie website here: 

Schnooky Pie is a proudly South African brand that puts a lot of effort into sourcing their fabric locally and using local talent for their team. So when you buy products from them then you know you are doing your part to support the South African small business community.

Just look how gorgeous Zoe looks in this dress! The dress’s are very comfortable for the girls so she can stay in it all day, we bought a dress at another shop the other day and the lace on top scratches her and annoys so she screams to take it off, but with these the girls stayed in them all day and were very happy.

Who wants some discount?! :)

All items are available in sizes 0-3m up to 5-6yrs and pricing is from R250-R350. Delivery is R45 to anywhere in SA and FREE on orders over R600. I am now focusing on the little girls but they also have super cute items for the boys so do go have a look over on the Schnooky Pie site.


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