Baby Dove product review & Giveaway

Today’s topic is the New Baby Dove range! A brand new range of affordable, good quality baby products that are easily available from your supermarket.

I have done a little review video talking about what I think of these products and about the giveaway I have for you guys today. I can not complain about any of the products in the range, I like them all, especially the wipes and the top to toe wash.

Give the Video a quick watch and then read on to see how you can WIN a hamper :)

Here is a quick run through on the range and the details of the two types available.

Best baby products south africa

Skin forms a vital barrier that protects us from the outside worlds; bacteria, irritants and pathogens. But did you know that baby skin presents a unique challenge because it is much more fragile than adult skin losing moisture up to 5x faster? Baby skin needs active, daily care. Good skincare for babies means doing more than simply avoiding irritants. The fragility of baby skin means it needs active cleansing and moisturizing care to protect skin lipids and keep it hydrated and healthy.

Baby Dove Rich Moisture Range

Developed for babies with normal to dry skin, the Baby Dove Rich Moisture range goes beyond mildness to actively help replenish lost moisture and nutrients into your baby’s skin. The range is hypoallergenic with pH neutral cleansers and a fragrance specially developed for your baby’s delicate skin. It includes the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar, Tip to Toe Wash, Shampoo, Lotion, Petroleum Jelly and Baby Wipes.

Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Range

Takes extra special care of babies with sensitive skin. Developed to help you care for your baby’s sensitive skin from head to toe, every product is mild and fragrance-free. The range includes Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Tip-to-Toe Wash, Lotion and Baby Wipes.

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GIVEAWAY-How to enter:

To Enter this Giveaway, Simply comment on this post and tell me what you think of this new baby range and then give this post a share on the social media platform of your choice using the hashtag #trustyourway

NB: This Giveaway is open to South African Residents only. By entering the Giveaway you give permission to be subscribed to my newsletter. Winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Facebook. If the winner does not claim the prize or respond to messages then another winner will be chosen. And most importantly…. HAVE FUN :)

This post and Giveaway has kindly been sponsored by Baby Dove, So big thanx to them for giving a lovely hamper towards the giveaway! These things are not possible without the awesome brands I work with!



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  1. Kelly Jennings says:

    I love dove. My skin and my daughters is quiet sensitive as a result on her skin i still use baby products and to wash myself i use baby products if i get rashes from soap which happens often. Dove is so gentle and smells great

  2. Adele says:

    Super excited that Dove launched a baby range! It’s so perfect for baby’s delicate skin and smells so Devine! My son has quite sensitive skin, would love to try this on our baby due in March too

  3. Anusha Naidoo says:

    Firstly I must commend Dove on this wonderful baby dove range, its perfect for all baby’s needs , a collection of all the essentials for baby’s care. The range is gentle , nourishes, protects , moisturises baby’s skin, sensitive , it has all the tip to toe care and moms can be assured that its quality and effective. This range lives up to its name of providing superior care for baby.

    A wonderful giveaway thank you
    Loved reading the review it was interesting and enlightening and informative.
    Shared on Twitter

  4. Shantel Moodley says:

    I have heard so much of the wonderful benefits of the dove range for babies . Recently my nephew developed a skin allergies and I have advised my sister to try the new dove range . My sister cannot stop thanking me for the recommendation .

  5. Gretel says:

    I really love dove products and I enjoy your review on the blog for their new range I would love to try them too

  6. Farzanah Chupty says:

    Dove products are always the best and always leave your skin feeling Amazing.. I’m glad they’ve come up with a baby range as well

  7. Henriette says:

    Looks like a lovely range, especially keen to try the wipes!

  8. Nirvana says:

    I love the range…..soft & gentle & smells heavenly!

  9. Janel Sunderlall says:

    Dove has always been a recommended truatsted product and I look forward to trying the baby range

  10. Megan Smith says:

    I love their products it is subtle on the skin and moisturises so well!

  11. Khadijah says:

    Awesome give away! Would love to try this new range. My baby is due in the new year.

  12. Margo says:

    I love the Dove baby range for my son’s
    sensitive skin!

  13. Jacqueline Engelbrecht says:

    I love the dove range and have always used it. Excited that my kiddies now hove their own Dove. Will be stocking up for the new baby too

  14. anushka Moonilal says:

    my kids have super sensitive skin and I only trust Dove to keep their skin happy. I think this baby range is awesome and I wish it had been around sooner!

  15. Zulpha Cassiem says:

    I think that the new Dove Range is absolutely amazing. Its gentle on baby’s sensitive skin and smells amazing. I received a sample of the head to toe wash. My little princess is 5 days old and I have tried it. She has no allergic reactions. Would really love to win this lovely hamper for her.

  16. Carmen says:

    Loooove this range. Bought the soap and it smells so good. Its very moisturising and so easy smearable on the cloth! I give this product a 10/10!♡♡♡

  17. Abby Van Rooyen says:

    Brilliant range of baby products. My kids have dry sensitive skin with eczema. their skin has improved. Definitely going on my monthly shopping list.

  18. Jaide says:

    Soft and gentle

  19. thea lennox says:

    Dove is a great product and i know it would be great baby products

  20. Sofiah says:

    I think Baby Dove is an awesome product, safe and gentle on baby and keeps my baby’s skin well moisturized

  21. Anthea Williams says:

    #trustyourway I love the Baby Dove range and I’m so glad that there’s a product that finally works for my baby’s really sensitive skin. I’ve tried most of the baby brands but some still irritates his skin. I would really love to win this awesome giveaway.

  22. lameez says:

    Just love that the new Dove range is for babies and most all for the sensitive skim types ,like my twin girls.

  23. It’s certainly what our babies need and deserve!

  24. I love the new Baby Dove range. I presently use the Baby Dove Tip to Toe Wash. It has the most amazing smell, and replenishes our baby boy’s moisture throughout the day, as he loves playing outdoors, especially with water, and in his pool, and therefore ends up bathing at least twice a day.

  25. Tasneem Katsen says:

    The product is great .I used samples (tip-to-toe wash)I received at the expo. It is delicate on baby’s skin,made her hair soft and skin moisturised. The smell was very subtle which I loved as I love the baby scent that u get from a newborn baby. I would love to try the rest of the range. #trustyourway

  26. Lizette Du Preez says:

    I love the baby Dove range. I received a few of the products at my baby shower and I’m so pleasantly surprised at the fantastic quality of the products. My baby’s skin is soft and moisturiser. I cannot wait to get the rest of the range and keep using it! Thanks – Lizette du Preez

  27. LOVE Dove…the smell the feel… would love to use the Shampoo’s etc my daughters hair gets quite flake. I’m sure Dove would resolve this. So moisturising.

  28. Lindi says:

    Hey! I love dove it makes my skin so super soft and smella amazing. Me and my baby daughter have sensitive skin and dove helps. Xx

  29. Anthony says:

    I love the new Baby Dove range, it’s amazing to find a brand that wants to look after your baby’s delicate skin as much as you do.
    It provides all the protection and moisture that babies sensitive skin needs.

  30. I love the new baby range from dove. I always rely on dove to Keppra my skin soft n smooth and now u know my baby’s skin will be seen to by dove

  31. Letesha Korasie says:

    I’ve only used the sensitive baby wash and I love it.

  32. Gaynor says:

    Love the Dove baby range. Love the look and smell and how it makes baby feel ♡

  33. Elizabeth says:

    Love the baby dove range. Two boys with very sensitive skin and Its helped so much !

  34. Ayesha says:

    It is gentle on baby’s skin and feels and smells great, love it

  35. Irfaan says:

    Works great on my baby’s boys sensitive skin

  36. Irfaan says:

    We have used some samples that we received, they have been great on my baby’s skin, keeping his skin soft and moist

  37. Jennifer Alford says:

    Dove has been in my home for as long as i can remember , I find that every product i have used of theirs has exceeded my expectations , I feel the same about their new line of baby products and i would love to try them out

  38. Amelia Williams says:

    I love the new Baby Dove range cause its perfect for my babies sensitive skin.

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