Baby Throne Review- Elimination communication & Potty Training

Yes I said potty training and yes I know most of you are thinking why the hell am I potty training my 8 month old. We got sent the Baby Throne to review and I have really been enjoying it, not because I am in a hurry to potty train little Violet, but because it has actually made me pay more attention to her signals and be more in tune with her. We actually bonded a bit over taking a pee and a poo and I got to know my little baby a bit better. We rush around so much these days in this rat race called life that we actually miss out on the natural signals that our children send to us! Just like my 4 year old Zoe gets moody if she is hungry, Violet also gives signals when she needs to “go”.

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What is the Baby Throne?

  • The Feeling of “Letting GO”- Potty Training

The Baby Throne is a tool that helps you prepare your baby for the feeling of being on a toilet and the feeling of “letting go”, it is designed in a perfect way to put baby in a good squatting position to promote the bowel to empty it’s self and thus the baby learns to let go when in that position. If your baby gets used to these feelings at a young age then when they are a toddler it will be less scary for them and they will already be used to sitting for a trip to the potty. Trying to all of a sudden teach a 3 year old to sit still on the toilet till poo comes out can be tricky, especially if they are stubborn like my Zoe was when she was a Threenager!

  • Constipation In Babies

The Baby Throne Is also useful around the 6 month mark when parents start introducing solids, when solids are introduced it can sometimes cause constipation, Instead of rushing to buy medication to treat the constipation, the Baby Throne helps get baby into a good position for passing a poo and helping eliminate the constipation.

  • Acidic Poo Burns

The Baby Throne is fabulous for letting baby poo in the Throne instead of the nappy and this helps to not have poo up against the bum. If you are a parent you will know that at certain stages of your little ones life their poo can actually burn the bum, Like when baby is teething the poo tends to be rather acidic and if against the sensitive bum skin it can actually cause horrible red skin burns and bad nappy rash. If you get into the routine of using the Baby throne and your little one masters making his/her poo in it then you solve the problem of the dreaded acidic poo burns.

  • From what age? When can you start using the Baby Throne 

The Baby Throne has three stages of use:

  1. Beginner: Use from 4 months with nappy still on and with the throne in the position with no hole and bum close to base. The base can be turned upside down to change position.
  2. Intermediate:  Use from around 7 months or when baby is strong enough to sit firmly up straight on his/her own. Use with nappy on or nappy off with base in the other position so that there is a hole and baby can feel air on the bum and eliminate waste into the Throne.
  3. Advanced: Use from around 7 months to toddler, Use the top part of the Baby Throne as a seat on the toilet so that baby can pee pee and poo into the toilet.
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From Left: Beginner position, Intermediate position and lastly advanced on the toilet. 

What is Elimination Communication?

Elimination communication is a practice in which you use signals, cues and timing to recognize when your baby wants to eliminate waste. Parents can try to recognize and respond to baby’s cues and signals that he/she wants to empty the bowel and thus can then get the timing right to put them on the toilet or in this case the baby throne so that they eliminate their waste into it. This saves you money on nappies because you do not use as many and encourages potty training when the time is right to ditch the nappies. Like I mentioned above, it actually also helped me get to know my baby better, just taking time to look how her facial expression changes when she makes a poo or needs to pee and watching her body language was really a wonderful bonding experience for us.

Potty training tips

What do I think of the Baby throne…

So my thoughts on the Baby Throne.. We got it, unpacked it and Violet had a good play session with it, she likes to move it across the floor and even chew on it’s soft rubber. When she was used to having it around I then put her on it and watched what she did, we started using it with a nappy on just so she gets into sitting on it, and then we progressed to trying out the Elimination communication and took her nappy off at times to let her have her poo or wee in the Throne. It Is going well, we have had a good few pee pee sessions and we just got our first Baby Throne poo, a proud moment for u! The squatting position definitely helps get the poo out and she enjoys sitting on it. I have gotten into the habit of feeding Violet her snack while she is sitting on the Baby Throne, I noticed that she tends to poo and pee around the time that she eats, so we take the nappy off and sit her on the throne and I feed her a quick snack while she sits, we do 10 minutes of sitting and then get off, except if I see she has a “I am gonna poo” look on her face then we sit a bit longer. So 10 minutes , twice a day is all it takes to get get into the feeling of it. The Baby Throne is definitely a handy thing to have around, other than the benefits mentioned above, it is also a high quality “potty”. When Zoe was little I searched high and low for a useful potty to start training her and most of the ones I found were terrible, uncomfortable cheap plastic that could only be used in one position. The Baby Throne is versatile, comfortable soft rubber and  compact enough to store. I love that the top seat that can be used on any toilet is soft rubber and nice and compact, you can take it with when traveling. It retails for R899 and can be ordered HERE.

We give the Baby Throne a thumbs up and would recommend you invest in one as you will get good use out of it for a long time.

The Baby Throne was sponsored to us for this review but please note that my thoughts on the throne and review are entirely my own and my own honest experience of the product.


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  1. Vanessa Christiane says:

    I think these are fabulous! Our Grandson has one and demonstrated via Skype exactly how its used but ssssh dont tell anyone!

    I would love one of these for my Sister-in-law’s, Daughter-in-law – she has a toddler and is expecting her second baby in August.

  2. Trocia masimula says:

    Is amazing my sister has a 15months old boy she would really appreciate it as a single parent and is her first child and has no knowledge about pot training it will really make things easy for her.

  3. Kate says:

    I have one and have recently started using it with my 7 month old. Love it! I have not used it without a nappy yet. What is the best wayvto clean it once they make a wee or poop?

  4. Michaela says:

    I absolutely love it! My son has been using is from 7 months old, and he’s now 10 months old. I put him straight on it without a nappy from day 1. It took about 10 days to get into the rhythm and since then it’s been the best investment we made. I know that by potty training age, he won’t be scared or uncomfortable to sit on the loo. I’ve spoken to my Paed about the use of it and she says she’s had no negative reports or feedback and only good reports. I highly recommend it!

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