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Monsters & Sleeping through! Bedtime lighting hacks

Every mother I know is trying to get the perfect hang of bedtime, trying so hard to get the kids to bed on time and try keep them in bed all night long. If you know me then you know I had terrible luck with my first child and her sleeping habits. She just never slept! It was always a fight with her to get to bed , never mind in her own room, and then she would wake up like a million times a night. I was exhausted and desperate! I mean I was DESPERATE. Zoe used to wake every 40min or so crying at night when she was a baby, it was basically hell.

I have now figured out that using clever little stories and my now 3 year old daughters imagination to my advantage is the way to go. Every night my hubby (bless him) reads her bedtime stories and along with some pretty awesome lighting from Philips to help get the bedtime routine waxed and sorted, we seem to have come right! Now we can all get a little more sleep and be a lot less grumpy. . here is what we have been doing…

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I used to think that the darker it was in Zoe’s room the better it would be for her sleep (this is true in a way) but it turns out that when she wakes up and sees that it is dark then it freaks her out and she automatically looks for mommy or daddy. Zoe is 3 and this means she wakes up a few times a night, even just for like 30 seconds to switch positions or find her teddy, but she still wakes! I have put the very fun and easy to use Philips Disney living colors light in her room and I leave it on for her all night so that when she wakes she can see everything is fine and it gets her back to sleep without having to come look for me. Because It is a Disney light and has the Little Mermaid on it, I have told her a story about the Mermaid looking after her at night so that the monsters do not come in her room at night! This cleverly took care of the monsters and her sleeping through in her own room all at once, huge bonus! We just stick to 7:30 bedtime and then hubby reads to her for like 20min then its all sorted. The 7:30 routine thing is also rather important. for some reason if it drags towards 8 then its a disaster again.

Philips living colors Disney lights
Look how beautiful the light is and how it can change color! Sooo many colors in one light!

The Living colors Disney light has a touch pad that has a range of colors on it and when you run your finger over it, it changes color to the color that you touch. This means it has a whole range of colors that your little one can choose from for them selves and you can pick a dim not so bright one for at night. I point the light into a corner of the room so that it is not too bright for her to leave on all night. This living colors light sells for around R400 and comes in a few different Disney characters available for boys or girls. You can buy this one off of Takealot. It is perfect for little ones because it is so easy for their little fingers to touch and change the color.

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Now that is Zoe sorted, but what about little baby Violet! Yes there is a new baby in the house so do not forget about her. Little Violet is still sleeping in bed with me because she is now only three weeks old and I am up at night breastfeeding her and changing the occasional night time nappy so I too need a lighting solution that is not gonna be too bright, wake my husband up or be annoying to use.

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I have been using a normal lamp with two baby blankets thrown over it but its hard to get to the on and off switch while having a baby on one boob and lets face it, it actually looks bad and is not the best bedroom accessory.. I have now taken to using the Philips Disney LED candle light. It is a small,very light weight, easy to use little light that actually looks like a candle, we have the Minnie Mouse one for Violet and I keep it next to my bed.

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The handy thing about this light is it charges via USB and gets up to 10 hours of light when charged full. It turns on and off with a flick of the wrist, you just flip it upside down and back and its on and then flip it back to turn it off. It is easy for me to put where I can get to it and makes no noise or bright lights when turned on. It has just enough light for me to see for feeding or stinky nappy changes at 1am (total life saver because hubby gets grumpy if woken up)

That is our night time pretty sorted! Remember that a good routine is important and lighting really does help loads! Our little ones can sometimes be scared of the dark and the unknown even if we do not realize it. If they are old enough then you can use their imagination to your advantage and you will be well on your way.

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