Being a Housewife isn’t actually a job! Is it?!

If this Housewife title upset you, then I guess we have something in comment.

I know that even working mom’s work their ass off to keep up with work and kids! But housewives have to suffer the loss of having “our say” because we do not earn a salary or physically leave to go to work. Because of this we basically have to shut up and carry on without complaining.

I dunno when I got to the stage where I stopped doing everything else and just became a “housewife” , I dunno at what stage I suddenly got put in a bracket as someone that just sits at home all day and doesn’t work. I dunno at what stage the work that I do became invisible…

I did not plan to become a house wife, it just kind of happened. It happened when I quit my job to fill the admin position at my husbands company, I thought it was a great decision because I could have time to fit everything in and still be a mom. At first it was great because I got appreciated for the admin and bookkeeping I was doing and even still got paid for it. But then it kinda just morphed into that invisible line of things that housewives do.

The thing with being labeled a housewife is that then no one else helps with anything around the house because obviously the housewife is there all day to do it all so why does the housewife need help, she has all day.

I get up early like everyone else, I dress the kids and pack lunches and put the kids in the car so my husband can drop them at school on the way to work. I then come inside and immediately start picking up the 100’s of clothing items, toys and things that are left scattered around the house from the evening before… I make the beds and open the curtains, feed the pets, clean the kitchen and bathroom an other rooms. I tidy the couches , sweep the floors and analyze the laundry situation. Then maybe I will eat something and have a tea break.

I also do admin, emails, invoices, bank statements and general work shit that apparently doesn’t count if you are doing it from the couch at home and no one sees you doing it.

At what point did my efforts become invisible, at what point did my husband become the only one the works and is tired in the evenings because he earns the money.

I cant say I am tired, I cant ask someone to make me tea or bring me something if I do not feel like getting up , because obviously I had all day for that and how could I possibly be tired.

I go to shops and plan meals, budget with money, drive around doing errands, fetch kids from school and make them snacks, put the tv on for them, get them the 100 things they ask for, pick up after them, make dinner, feed everyone, clean all of that up and bath the kids while having gone through 20 armaments and tantrums to get there.. and all while growing another tiny human inside of me.

All of this is invisible and doesn’t count as a job…

Now before anyone gets their panties in a knot, None of this means that I do not appreciate being a housewife, spending time with my babies and getting to run my house. Its a blessed life!

I just feel like the next person that says I do not have a job or shouldn’t be tired …. I am gonna punch them in the fucking face!

Housewives need to be given more appreciation, our job title covers everything and we work day and night shifts that never end. Some of us, like me, also have other jobs they do that they fit in in between everything else.

I am tired, I do work hard, I do feel like I could use a weekend away, I wouldn’t mind a little appreciation and possibly a cup of tea .


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  1. Mel says:

    Being a “housewife” sucks. Everyone thinks all you do is watch shows and eat the whole day, but most days I feel like I’m drowning in all the jobs I have to do. Being a maid, chef, babysitter, hairdresser, doing the admin, while keeping tiny people alive is hard! The little comments people makes me feel like screaming in their faces! But I’m grateful I get to be with my allergy child, but man is it hard. Work would be an escape for me

  2. Caroline says:

    Say it louder for the people in the back!

  3. Nasrene Sheik says:

    You’ve just described my life… I’m actually on a break now, a painful one but a break none the less. I fell and broke my knee and now everyone has to do things for me. I Still have to do weekly wages and payments for my husband’s business but atleast my sons make me a cup of tea when I ask.

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