Being a stay at home mom is truly hard..

I love being at home with Violet and I did the same with Zoe till she was over a year old and she then went to play school. But lately I have been feeling lost.. lost at home, alone.

There are days where I feel like the whole world just goes on without me, like I am here at home with the baby and when my husband leaves for work in the morning I get forgotten. Forgotten about the whole day until they return expecting a happy mommy, clean house and cooked food.


Some days are frustrating, all day with the little one and no one to help for 5 minutes while I have coffee of go to the toilet, I know this is something that stay at home moms sometimes struggle with. It can be frustrating doing all day with a crying baby while juggling house work and possibly work too if you work from home.

Before I fell pregnant with Zoe I worked a nice 8-5 job, I was independent and earned my own money.  I enjoyed working and socializing with others during the day at work and was happy with my life, I had always dreamed I would be a stay at home mom like my mom was with me so when it came time to have a baby that is what I did. I left my job and started my journey as a stay at home mom, I took on doing my husbands bookkeeping for his business because I could do it from home and so it has been for the last almost 5 years.

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The thing is, before Violet was born I had developed a routine, I went for a jog every morning, went to our office and did our admin and got time to go to shops and just do stuff while Zoe was at school in the morning. When I fell pregnant with Violet I thought I was ready to be that stay at home mom again but it now turns out I am struggling to adapt to it.

My situation has not been ideal, I am stuck at home with baby all day and that is basically all I do. We do try go for walks and all but its not satisfying me, I feel like I want to get back into my routine and go jog or something. I know it is hard being a working mother and not getting to spend time with your children but stay at home moms do not have it entirely easy. Mostly all my friends work and with my hubby at work, then during the day its basically just me and baby and the house chores.

It is so easy to get stuck in the lonely at home and frustrated with baby routine. Most days I am feeling frustrated, depressed and lost. I find myself going crazy and simply seem to have lost my fire for life. It can get very overwhelming at times.

But in all the frustration and chaos there is still my beautiful baby Violet and I am just doing what needs to be done to give her the best up bringing I can.

I want to know from other stay at home moms, what do you do to relieve your frustration and have you come up with a routine or life hack that makes it easier?



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  1. Vanessa Christiane says:

    Wow you really are a busy young Mummy! Wasn’t blessed to have kids but my Sister and Brother were so I can totally relate to your issues! My Sister actually took a weekend away whilst we took care of the kids and went to swim with Dolphins in Mozambique, it was a real life-saver from the stressful days and nights/feeds etc as you refer to above! So get the family sorted and take yourself on a mini break – a nice early Christmas Gift for Violet’s truly amazing birth! Birthing the way you did was phenomenal!

  2. I know the feeling, I’m a stay at home mom too. I however get a break say twice a week when my baby visits her grandma from her father’s side. I think you should hire someone to help you twice a week or so. It will give you time to get a clear head it will allow you to breath and get things into perspective and this will be good for your overall wellbeing. Try to fond a routine that works for your lifestyle. I think you are just tired and overwhelmed. Everything’s gonna be OK.

  3. You’re doing a great job! Just know that your children will appreciate everything you’re doing for them in the long run. We just moved back to South Africa from Dublin, Ireland and its been hard. I think its easier in Europe to find a little support group in your neighbourhood that doesn’t make you feel so lost, everywhere there you could meet up with mommies around the same age and just be. Here everyone is spread far and wide so isolation at home is a common thing. I’ve also found that people in my area and church here, look at me like I’m insane when I mention breastfeeding or that I’m having a home-birth. Its made me want to isolate myself just so I don’t have to deal with the negativity.

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