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Birthday Wishlist time!

I can actually not believe that its this time of the year again! Where the hell did the year go to?! Just over a month and we will be half way through the year already. My Birthday is on the 14th June so it is time I start thinking about all the lovely gifts I have ideas of and throwing hints at my husband has officially started! So here is my little list of current Items I want badly!
South African Beauty Blog

#1 Kevin Murphy Repair Me range 

The Kevin Murphy Repair Me range is newly launched in SA and obviously me being a huge fan of everything KM It is high on the list of new hair care items I want to try out! All the Other KM products that I have reviewed have been amazing so I expect nothing less from these beauties! The Range consists of the Wash, Rinse and Re.Store. This range is designed to strengthen, moisturize, restore and protect hair with naturally derived super food proteins and fruit enzymes.

Kevin Murph repair me

#2 Zana Products 

I have been eyeing the stunning Zana website and all of the beautiful products they make and for a while now have wanted the “work series blog” laptop sleeve and the leather and gold triangle print pouch for my makeup! I think these make such wonderful accessories especially for a blogger!

South African Beauty blog

#3 Environ Skin Care products 

I tried out a few little Environ skincare samples the other day and immediately fell in love, specifically with the Hydrating oil Capsules and the Derma-Lac lotion! The Derma-Lac lotion is an all over body lotion that you can also use on your face and it smooths out even the roughest areas of skin leaving them looking youthful and feeling amazing! The Hydrating oil capsules are such luxury! They have antioxidants that fight aging and hydrate and nourish the skin perfectly. They are such a treat!
Environ South Africa

#4 The GHD Platinum Serene 

Obviously this is on my list! I am the biggest ghd fan, I have been for years! I love buying a new styler every few years so I stay up to date with the new tech and styles they bring out. My current crush and upgrade wish is this stunning ghd platinum serene! It is just so lust worthy.

new ghd platinum south africa

#5 Beautiful woolworths SA Bedding 

I am busy nesting and preparing my house for the birth of my baby and one of the things that is on my list is a new duvet cover for my king size bed, I am so looking forward to cuddling in bed with my newborn! I have spotted a few different duvet covers at Woolworths and I am such a lover of all things woolies, the quality is just so lovely.

Florencia-Floral-Duvet-Set-6009195004156 (1)

That’s all for my wish list for now! Don’t forget to enter the Aramex Global Shopper Competition running at the moment and keep your eyes open because I have another giveaway going up soon!


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  1. Sharon says:

    Hey! My birthday is on the 16th June. I also have a little post floating around that I’ll share soon with my birthday wishlist!
    Hope you get spoiled!

    1. Melissa says:

      Oh wonderful! You get the public holiday birthday lol. Cant believe it is almost June!!

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