Bobbi Brown Face touch up palette & other concealers.

For as long as I can remember my main makeup love has always been foundation and having a perfect even looking skin. One of the Important parts of this is Concealers! Here are three that are great to try, The Bobbi Brown face touch up palette, NYX full coverage concealer and the Essence match 2 cover due.

Bobbi Brown Concealer. Essence Concealer. NYX concealer
Bobbi Brown face touch up palette

The Bobbi Brown face touch up palette is an all in one skin tone fixer, it has two concealers, a foundation and a pressed powder. The concealers and foundation are thick and creamy and cover perfectly, I did find that if I put too much under my eye (this is with most concealers tho) it made me look a bit older lol , just cause it settles into the lines in a way that brings them out more. so go sparingly and blend well on under eye areas. It has Two concealer tones , a light peach and a warm ivory. Peach tones are great for hiding under eye dark circles and brightening up uneven skin tone.

Bobbi Brown concealer
Bobbi Brown Face touch up palette

The NYX single concealer is a pale yellow color (cj10 yellow). A Yellow toned Concealer is good for hiding bluish bruises, under-eye circles and mild red tones on the face,sun damage,dark spots.This NYX is lovely and thick and goes on creamy. It has a long lasting effect

NYX Concealer
NYX full coverage foundation

The Essence concealer duo is a good budget duo and very handy with the two shades it has. You can buy them in different tones and it has a high coverage of dark circles, imperfections and you can play and blend with the two colors to get a perfect finish. Its a great addition to your daily foundation routine and easy to use.

Essence Concealer
Essence match 2 cover concealer

I have swatched all of them in the Pic below so you can see how they look on skin :) They are so useful if you play with them, you can even use very dark and light tones to contour facial features and blend to perfection.

Bobbi Brown Face touch up palette swatches
Bobbi Brown face touch up palette swatches, Concealer swatches

Other useful tones are Lavender for to cover and blend out yellow skin/ bruises, Mint tones to blend out Red/pink problems on skin such as rosacea and blemishes.

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