Boost! Skin Serum


For 3 weeks now I have been trying out the Boost skin serum They are very different to the usual “serums” I have encountered as you can tell they have more of a natural smell and feel to them , Wherever possible they only use the best natural ingredients and none of the products are tested on animals.

Boost skin serum

Boost has six different serums available so you are sure to find one that works for your skin type and concerns:

1-  GLOW , An antioxidant serum to reduce oxidation and scavenge free radicals in the skin. Promoting a healthy glow and environmental defense

2- CALM , A calming and soothing serum with DMAE for irritation and redness

3- CLEAR , A decongesting serum for problem skin that is prone to breakouts.

4- ENERGISE , A vitality boosting serum rich in vitamin B3

5- QUENCH , A powerful hydrating serum with multi-molecular hyaluronic acid to improve cellular hydration levels

6- SMOOTH , An Exfoliating serum with AHA and BHA that sloughs off the dead surface skin cells to reveal healthy skin

So I chose to try out the Glow and Energise serums, because I am hoping for a more youthful glowing appearance that makes me look a little less tired and old.

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The serums are designed for you to just add into your current skincare routine. Currently I am washing with a Neutrogena visably clear face wash and using Myhru oil serum. My skin is not very needy so I do not have many creams and stuff I use, I just wash and rub serum on. In the case of me reviewing the serum, I have cut the Myhru out because my skin doesn’t need that much moisture so I have just been washing and then applying the Boost. I have been rotating the two and applying glow in the morning and energise in the evening.

I am happy with the results so far, my skin is feeling good and has a nice glow to it, I am also happy with the way my skin feels, it’s soft and bouncy. The smell of the serum is something to get used to, it is not bad but usually these things are un scented or scented.

They also did a great job with the little bottles, it has a pump top so you make sure to get the right amount but the pump click down when you screw it closed so it automatically fills up when you open it .

These retail for around R329 and can be bought from the Boost website HERE , I noticed they also have free shipping

the price in my opinion is very good, for a product that has taken a lot of work to formulate and create with good ingredients and results. Other serums in the same category can easily cost double that .

Here below are my before and after photos. Both photos were taken with no makeup on and standing by a window for light. Left is before and right was taken this morning.


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