My driving anxiety, car insurance and what to do when you are in an accident!

Driving = Anxiety

The world of cars and Car Insurance can be a complicated one, especially for women. Women were grown up in a way that we were not really taught much about cars, how they work and what the in’s and out’s of car insurance are or what to do when you have an accident?! Today I am giving you my tips on what to do when you are in a car accident, as well as a run down of some fabulous car insurance information.

I already have anxiety about everything in life, I was never taught to drive because growing up we did not really have a car so I was clueless about anything car related. When I eventually got my drivers license I think I was 22, It was a time of major anxiety for me, I over thought my driving lessons and analyzed it all down to a T. I passed my license that day but it did not help me with the courage I needed to control my anxiety for driving. You might think I am crazy here, but people with anxiety will know, Its sweaty palms and nerves just driving to the shop.

But being the control freak I am, I over analyzed it all and learning more about cars, how they work, how car insurance works, what to do when in an accident. It helped me gain more independence!

Here is a bit I learnt about what to do when in an accident and about car insurance…

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Getting to know cars and Insurance…

I came across King Price insurance, who’s website is fabulous and loaded with information! The first thing I noticed about King Price is that they have premiums that decrease every month. No you did not hear wrong, the principle behind this is that your cars value decreases monthly, so why shouldn’t your insurance decrease? See super easy explanation diagram above :)

I already felt like I was winning after reading that, I then went on to read about their R1 insurance, Yes R1!! So how that works is that when you insure your car with King Price, you can then also insure one valuable item like your Nikon camera, bicycle, golf clubs, apple watch and hearing aid. For each car you insure you get to insure one valuable for R1!

Not happy yet? They will also give you 20% off of your car insurance if you insure more than one car! This means I can run to my hubby and tell him we should switch to King Price because we can insure both our cars at a low discounted rate, with decreasing premium and the added bonus of the R1 insurance! I am starting to sound like a sales person here , so lets move on to what to do when you are in an accident!

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What to do when you are in a car accident….

I had never really thought about this until now actually, I witnessed an accident the other day, shame the poor lady and her new VW UP. I then thought, jeez, what would I do if I was driving and had an accident, I do not even keep a pen in the car and what details do I write down or what do I even do!!

Here are my handy tips! I will start with saying that it is a good Idea to always have pen and paper in your car, you can also do a DIY accident report sheet with all these things on that you can print out and just keep in the car in case you are in an accident, then it is easily filled out without stress or your mind going blank.

  1. Don’t panic mechanic! Seriously, do not panic, accidents happen all the time. Breath and check if you are injured or need help. If you are injured and need help then try see if someone is around to help , otherwise find your phone and call for help.
  2. If you are not injured, then check if the other person involved is. When you are in an accident, it is your duty to check if the other party involved is ok or needing help, regardless if the accident was your fault or not.
  3. Take photos of the position of the cars, the damage and some close up’s of the damage and try get a few angles in.
  4. If it is a small bang, try and move vehicles out of traffic once you have documented the photos and position of cars.
  5. Once out of harms way, get the other persons details. ID number, Full names, contact number, address, cars registration number and make and color of car, their insurance information. Also take not of the time of accident, the date, the place the accident happened , weather conditions at the time eg: misty or unclear, dark.
  6. It is also important to take note of your understanding and facts of the accident, these things can be traumatic and it may be hard to remember later on. So write down things you remember eg: was the other person on the phone while driving, diving too fast, drunk, wrong in any way.
  7. Report it to the police, regardless of how small it was. You will still need a case number for the accident report to claim.

Here is a little snippet from the King Price website on how to claim…

Do you have any tips of what to do when in an accident? Have you been in an accident and have any advice for us? Leave a comment below so we can all learn something new.


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