Carbon COCO ! {giveaway}

I am super excited about this post!!! I had seen the Carbon COCO posts on Facebook and always wanted to try it so you can imagine how excited I was when they contacted me!

They sent over the Ultimate Carbon Kit valued at R540 for me AND they have one kit for me to giveaway to one lucky follower! How awesome is that. So read my post and watch my review video to see how to enter.

Carbon Coco is an all natural & vegan!

The product is made from coconut shell charcoal and it may seem nuts brushing your teeth with a pitch black powder and it’s a good laugh at first, but wow! The product does amazing things for your teeth. My teeth haven’t felt this smooth and this clean since they were cleaned at the dentist.

It makes for a good laugh at first and my husband had a good giggle at me brushing my pitch black mouth but then he tried it and also like it. I have only used it a handful of times and already see a big change in my teeth. I have always been super self conscious about my teeth and had terrible teeth growing up, thankfully I managed to fix my main issue but I hate the dentist so it is such a ife saver to have a product to help whiten and look after my teeth.

The Benefits ….

  • NO added chemicals
  • Strengthens enamel
  • Whitens teeth
  • Polishes to remove build up
  • Vegan, 100% organic
  • Money back guarentee
  • Free basic world wide shipping.

The Price.. Its worth it! 

Ok ok, now before you get all up about the price. I know the R540 it works out to for this kit seems like a lot but look at what you get. How much does a teeth whitening or cleaning cost at a dentist? A lot more than this kit that is for sure.

If I look at how much powder you get and the toothpaste, you can use it for a good long time. It takes minimal to do a session and the tiniest bit of the toothpaste as it foams up alot. I LOVE the toothbrush it comes with, It brushes so nicely and feels great in the mouth. I do tho wish they had maybe made a bamboo brush instead of a plastic one as that would be more suited to such a natural product. The whole set comes in a lovely silk feel bag with the logo on it, really great for traveling.

Sooo… The GIVEAWAY! 

Simple as a pimple to ENTER ;) Just head over to my Instagram account HERE (@pretty_messy_mellon) And comment on the Carbon Coco giveaway post tagging 4 friends.

PLEASE NOTE: The prize is sponsored by Carbon Coco and once the giveaway ends and winner is chosen, I will send the winners details to them for them to dispatch the prize directly to the winner, It can take a while for the prize to get to you, I waited a long time for mine so please just chill.


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  1. Entering already #Fingerscrossed :)

  2. Angel says:


  3. Eve Mackay says:

    Awesome. Done

  4. Wyona says:

    Awesome product

  5. Entered ❤

  6. Bernice says:

    Ive read a few reviews on them and wondered if
    It was realy as good As I love trying new teeth whitening pastes. Found a few that get close, but not where I want to yet. Cute Video.

  7. Annette Hamann says:

    I would be so thrilled to be a lucky winner

  8. Faziela Prantice says:

    Wow awesome giveaway

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