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Caribbean Tan – Best way to stay Tanned all year round!

Iv always loved Caribbean Tan! i have used the products for years now and trust them to always deliver a perfect easy Tan. This is why i was so thrilled to get this fantastic press drop from Caribbean Tan SA. So many fantastic products to try out and the best way to stay tanned through winter and safely in summer!

Carribean tan range

The Caribbean Tan range is big, there is something for everyone and different shades for different needs and skin tones so you really are spoilt for choice on these. From Bronzing mousse, Tanning spritzers, shimmer lotions, Instant Tan in a can to gradual Tan in a Can…. The Range has you Covered! They even have a Self Tan application Mitt to help you apply the products and then there is a Milk and Honey X-tender body butter that helps keep your tan looking good and lasting long.

This is the first in a few posts i will be doing to explain the products and look at them more closely , so that you can get a good idea of what you should be buying to give yourself a great Tan!

Carribean Tan

Iv Tested a Few of these lovely products now, i normally buy the Tan in the Can Instant color so im gonna be looking at that one quick today cause im very familiar with it and how to use it. I know what people think when they think self tan at home, they think big ass disaster turn out looking like the orange oros man! ok well forget that idea and clear your head of previous bad tan experiences cause this is DEFINITELY not a problem you are going to be having with Caribbean Tan.  So Here is My step by Step how to Get a Tan using the Tan in a Can instant color :)

  1. Grab your Caribbean Tan Cinnamon and Coconut Body scrub and have a lekker shower! Scrub from head to to toe with this yummy body scrub, its one of my favorite products from the range! love it so much. Remember to shave your legs as well
  2. Make sure your skin is clean and you have washed off all the residue from the scrub and are completely dry. i like to wait 30min after showering and shaving to let skin settle before applying the tanning product.
  3. Get your bottle of Tan in a Can instant color , i use it in shade B. And grab your Tanning mitt. If you dont have a tanning mitt then its really not the end of the world, just apply loads of hand cream before rubbing on the products so that it doesn’t soak too much into hands and remember to wash hands properly afterwards.
  4. Get Tanning! This is so easy i do it myself all the time, The Tan in a Can sprays out in a fine mist and with the instant color you can see immediately where it is, i start at my feet and do my legs and then rub with the tanning mitt to spread it all around evenly. spray sparingly on the ankle and knee area cause those areas tend to be darker. Do this to your entire body or if so desire just the areas you wanna cover. For face i normally just spray a bit in my hands and rub on like i would a face cream so its not too dark.
  5. After tanning give about 5 min before getting dressed and then wear something loose and preferably nothing white cause it can rub off sometimes, or tho it does not stain clothes so no stressing :) Try not to shower or bath for at least 8 hours after tanning to allow the product to settle on skin and for a longer lasting tan.
  6. Keeping skin moisturized daily with the Caribbean tan body butter will help keep your tan looking great and prolong it, you can also use the fabulous Caribbean tan Shimmer lotion to give your skin an extra glow and moisture prolong tan results.

Here is a little before and after pic, or at least i tanned my right leg and not the left so you can see the difference form the Tan in a Can instant color! Such an amazing products, delivers a fantastic bronzed color and its so Easy. This one is great for touching up legs quick if you decide to wear a dress out , its so quick to do!

Caribbean Tan
Caribbean Tan

Well thats all from me for now! :)


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  1. candice says:

    hi there, where would i bye these products??

    1. Hi Candice, these are available at Dischem and Clicks stores.

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  3. Sandy Pienaar says:

    I agree, this stuff is awesome! And its so instant and natural looking!

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