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Caribbean Tan Tanning Mousse

I have worked my way through loads of the Caribbean tan products but I actually never tried the Caribbean tan tanning mousse, for some reason I thought it wouldn’t work as well. Well I was wrong and gosh was I surprised at how amazing the mousse actually is! It has quickly jumped to the top of my favorite tanning products list.

Caribbean tan bronzing mousse.jpg

I use shade B but shade A is also great for just having an every day tanned look. This product doesn’t need that much explaining, it is super simple to use and you cant go wrong. All you have to do is make sure that your skin is clean and nicely exfoliated before hand and then just pump out the foam and rub it all over your body! This lovely light foam soaks into skin super quick and is non sticky so you don’t sit with that sticky self tan feeling for hours after applying. It is gradual color so your color will develop over a few hours. If you are using your hands then just remember to was your hands properly and maybe twice lol to just make sure you get it off your hands and do not end up with stained hands. To be safe you can use one of the Caribbean tan tanning gloves. I like to apply in the evenings and then the next morning I am all tanned and can have a shower. 

Caribbean Tan Tanning mousse.jpg

I have also learnt that since I am now pregnant that it is more recommended that I use the mousse instead of the spritzer or aerosol cans, lucky for us pregnant ladies the mousse actually turned out to be more convent in the end so I am happy about that. I can definitely recommend this product , you can buy it at Dischem or clicks stores for only R99-95, Or you can even get it off of Takealot.

Bronzing Mousse.jpg


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