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Caribbean Tan Tanning Spritzer Review

We are getting to that end bit of winter where you can see the sun is trying its hardest to make an appearance. This already makes me feel much better as I am not a winter person and I am so longing for the days the sun will be out in full force again and I can get that summer glow I have been dreaming about…. Well luckily for me I have a whole bunch of Caribbean Tan products to save my pale skin and help me look like a glowing goddess all year round! Here is a look at the Caribbean Tan Tanning Spritzer

Caribbean Tan
Caribbean Tan Tanning Spritzer

I have used Caribbean Tan for years but like most people I know I stick to the products that I normally buy, in my case that’s the Tan in a Can Instant Color. It wasn’t until I was lucky enough to get sent the whole range from Caribbean Tan that I got to trying the other products in the line. To achieve a natural looking healthy summer glow with a self tan product, it is important to prepare skin by exfoliating and shaving before hand. I have fallen in love with the Caribbean Tan Cinnamon and coconut body scrub :) It is amazing to die for fantastic. I have already finished the whole tub and I need to go buy some more now!

Caribbean tan scrub
Caribbean Tan Scrub

So yesterday I felt a bit pale and was missing the sun, my morning jog turned out nice cause the sun was out a bit and for the first time in a long time I felt like summer is starting to creep closer. This inspired me to get my Tan on hehe , so i grabbed a bottle of Caribbean Tan and basically attacked my skin with it ;) I am now less pale and looking much much better than before.

I used the Caribbean Tan Tanning spritzer this time, I am used to the Tan in a Can instant Color which sprays out more of a mist so using the Spritzer was a bit different to what I am used to and i made sure i used the tanning mitt to rub the product on evenly so I don’t end up with a dark line or one body part that is darker than the other. The Tanning Spritzer sprays out bigger drops and because its an instant color one you can see where on your skin the product has landed and you can see how it is blending in as you rub it in and spread it around.

Caribbean Tan Tanning Mitt
Caribbean Tan Tanning Mitt

The result I got was at first different than I am used to, It wasn’t as dark of an instant color as the other Tan in a Can instant color one was but it looked good and the next morning it looked even better and is now fantastic :) The Results are great, a even perfectly bronzed color and I already feel much better! I applied some to my face and I look like I have more of a glow now and it is just what I needed to uplift my mood a bit! A thing to keep in mind if you are going to be doing your face a bit is that it may effect your skin tone for the foundation and base u are using.

Maintaining the perfect self tan look is easy as long as you are remembering to moisturize and try showering instead of bathing because long periods of time in water cause the tan to wash off faster. Also some light Exfoliation keeps it looking even and perfect and then you can just touch up your tan with a spritz here and there if you see you need some more color.

Remember there is a HUGE range of super fantastic Caribbean Tan products available and you can purchase from Dischem and Clicks stores so its easy to get your hands on them! oooh and very affordable!

Caribbean tan tanning range
Caribbean Tan Tanning Range

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