Catrice , MAC and Essence for a nail look!

Happy Friday all!  I thought since it is now Friday and you guys maybe have some time on our hands over the weekend to do your nails, ill tell you how i did my lovely Mani this week and what products i used! so glad everyone liked it this week, the response was lovely! So maybe you can try it or a version of it over your weekend :) lemme know if you do!

Catrice nail lacquer

Ok so this is actually so very basic to do that its not going to take me very long to explain! Firstly i Used Catrice products for this look, The Catrice Revolutionary 3 step base and Top coat and then this lovely Catrice color in 82 A Gallons of mellon!! And then the Nail art strips are Essence holo nail stripes.

So firstly you do your base coat on clean , shaped and prepped nails…. Give that a few minutes to dry and then you can do one coat of your color and once that is dry then a second coat of color to get your color just perfect! I normally give like a good 10min after this for all of that to settle and dry and then move on..

Catrice nail lacquer

Next you do the Top coat and give it  a minute and while its still kinda sticky, but not like smudge it sticky. You can start applying your holo nail stripes, they are adhesive stripes so they do stick to where you apply them and once you have the hang of it its super easy! just have a nail clipper or small scissors handy to trim your pieces, I apply first and then trim off the edge of the nail so I can get the amount right.

essence holo nail stripes

Make sure that you press down properly on the strip and that it is solidly in place :) it should be nicely stuck to your nail polish! and then you can go ahead and put a decent coat of top coat on over all of that just to set the stripes in place!! and you are done hehe yay! super easy actually!!!  Now i also did this with my new MAC nail color cause i was just too excited to try it out so i sat and did my nails all over again lol but it came out stunning so here is a pic!

MAC wash and dry nail color

This is the MAC wash and dry collection nail lacquer in shade “washeteria”

So as you see you don’t need much to get this right :) its super easy! If you find that the nail stripes are lifting at the sides then just clip the end with a nail clipper and dab a small amount of nail polish remover on the ends. should fix it up!

All these items (except the MAC of course) are available from Dischem.

Happy weekend!!


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  1. These nails are so pretty! I’m in love with this design!

    1. thank you! Keep an eye out for my nail post tomorrow :) i think you will like us!

  2. AAACK! Love this! One day when I’m big then I’m also going to beable to do this without messing it up! :)

    1. Lol I’m sure you will be able to pull it off pretty easy ;)

  3. talk about art ,thats so pretty and glamorous ,i need to try them out,i normally fail to execute my nail painting but i never win ,but im learning

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