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My cellulite problem, weight loss program and Juliette Armand review.

Sooo this is a nervous topic for me. But lets face it, I do not exactly look as fantastic as I  used to before I had my second child. I had worked very hard on my fitness and jogging and being slim. I spent 2 years exercising and getting my body the way I wanted it and then the pregnancy happened and now its like back to square one but with extra cellulite.


I am taking a leap and sharing with you my before photos today, plain honest no edit photos of what I look like now. These photos were taken this morning. My mid area from my hips to my knees is my main problem, I have bad cellulite on my legs and my hips are making serious muffin top that is honestly no fun at all.  I share these today and then in 4 weeks time I will be sharing an update of my after photos and results. You can follow along on social media and if you feel inspired you can also do a little diet and exercise program with me and let me know your results.

My weight loss and exercise plan

My plan is to diet using my Herbalife meal replacement shakes I have bought for myself, eating no sugar or carbs and drinking a large amount of water. I will also be doing exercise like 20min cardio per day, sit ups, leg lifts, planking and squats to tone up. This is so simple to fit in, we can all make 30min a day for that.

I am dying a little on the inside by sharing this but here below my before photos. I would like to get my tummy flatter , my hips less muffin top and the cellulite on the back of my legs to fade and be smoother.



Juliette Armand Triple Action Gel

Then in combination with the above I will be using the Juliette Armand Triple Action gel for detoxing and slimming. This product dramatically helps firm skin and stimulates lipolysis (brake down of the fat so you can flush it out)

This is amazing for fat burning, anti-cellulite and firming.
The plan is to use it on a daily basis on the area of concern. I will use it in the morning and evening.  I will also be making sure to exfoliate at least 3 times a week on those areas and keep up with my water intake as part of the diet, It is important to drink loads of water otherwise your body can not flush out the fat and toxins properly. It is also recommended to use this product in combination with the Juliette Armand Thermoslim Gel if you want to add that for extra wow results, I will just be using the Triple action tho.

If you would like to get your hands on this amazing product you can visit or contact Poise Brands on+27 11 033 0500 to find your nearest stockist or order from them directly. R870 for a 200ml


So follow along and I look forward to posting my after post and I do so nervously hope that we see a result.


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  1. Vanessa says:

    I think you are extremely brave for posting these photographs of yourself and that you should not feel embarrassed ‘or dying a little inside’ remember you have just given birth to your gorgeous little Violet! Not everyone shrinks back to fitting into their Jeans like the did before falling pregnany; they are just lucky enough that it’s in their genes!

    All the best for your diet program, Herbalife is a fantastic product, I too used their products but many, many years ago but as some diets go we can’t all stick to them so I wish you success!

    The Thermoslim Gel sounds really good!

    I know that Elancyl is a tried, tested and extremely good product having been around for many years already!

    All of the best as you forge ahead with your pto gram, I will be following your transformation.

  2. Am definitely following along. Almost 3 years later and I am now SO much bigger than what I was 4 weeks AFTER the birth of my second child.its alot of exhaustion and current lifestyle that I know needs changing. But inspo like this always helps!!!

    1. Melissa says:

      I know its just to make the change! It is not easy, especially like you say life is exhausting! I struggle to keep up but I find planning meals and knowing what I must eat is a big help. I give myself a good pep talk every morning and keep up the positive attitude.

  3. I think you look AMAZING! I’m facing the same battles after baby number 2, I’ll definitely look into the gel because the skin on my tummy is not as smooth as it used to be.

  4. You look hot momma. Honestly. But we all know the cellulite struggle. Can’t wait to see your results. Thank you for being our Guinea pig, lol.

    1. Melissa says:

      Thanx lovely! But the cellulite battle is a very real one, one that unfortunately im always struggling to win. I am hoping this time I see some results, even if it just fades in appearance I will be happy.

  5. I think you look incredible, and while my first thought is “WTF are you talking about???” – I do realize where you are coming from. You don’t feel comfortable – and to you, this is your fat – and that’s alright. I trained so much before having Knox – I was at gym every day and was a size 12. It has now almost been 2-years and I still have not lost any of my weight I gained during my second pregnancy. I am now on the bigger side of a size 14. I was just thinking today that I really need to start doing something about this. I will definitely be following your journey!

    1. Melissa says:

      Im so glad you understand where im coming from. I just want to fit back into my jeans again! Its going to take a lot of dedication because when I look at those size 8 jeans, I can’t even imagine how I ever fitted into them in the first place. I so badly want to get in shape again and back to normal, and be a bit less wobbly lol. I don’t have much time now to exercise tho cause baby is keeping me busy but I am trying my best. Blogging it is helping with extra motivation tho! Cause now I must push for results. I know with positivity and motivation then anything is possible

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