Chanel Travel Makeup Palette

The Day I spotted this Chanel travel makeup palette I was like soooo Excited!!! I just had to have it!! And then I had the bad luck of it being out of stock when I wanted to buy it, I was so depro and ended up buying something else lol. But then a few days later there it was again and I didn’t waste any time and bought it straight away!!!

Chanel Travel Palette
Chanel travel makeup palette

It Comes Beautifully Packaged and sealed in a little Box and also has a little Chanel bag. When you open it up and take the palette out its box it is in a black velvet slip cover that is to die for luxurious!!! The set comes with a little travel size mascara that has its own little side compartment in the velvet slip cover so its very neat and fancy to take travelling and I think it would go very well into my handbag and I would be oh so happy to carry it around with me.

Chanel travel makeup palette

The Palette includes 5 eye shadow shades that range from a very dark one that is perfect for lining lids to, white, pink, blue and a golden brown that is my favorite. It also had a lovely pink shimmer blush as well as a light beige powder foundation. Then on the right hand side of the Palette at the bottom is a concealer and Then it has 2 lipgloss shades and 2 lipstick shades! so you really do have everything here plus the fact that it comes with a mini mascara so that’s a bonus! And it comes with 2 double ended eye shadow applicators as well as a double sided lipstick applicator and a cute little blush brush that has the Chanel symbol on it and actually folds in half to fit in the palette :)

Chanel makeup palette

I have done some swatches so you can see how the colors come out, really girly colors. Mascara That comes with it also has a nice looking brush.


Chanel MascaraChanel travel Palette swatches

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  1. This is so pretty and convenient!

  2. it looks amazing

  3. one can never go wrong with chanel,its a winner

  4. Hey so rumour has it the Chanel, Urban decay and Bobbi brown products on Zando was fake… As you did an article about this i want your thoughts on this. As the supplier to Zando has now contacted me to get a look at future products they want to supply to zando.

    1. Hi, yes unfortunately it has turned out that the palette is fake. It’s still very pretty and does look genuine, just obviously the color pay off and quality of the makeup isn’t as good as it should be. I have Ince returned this item to Zando for refund now that it has come up as a fake.

  5. Rene Groyer says:

    I bought this as well from Zando but are you sure its a fake ?i am not convinced because packaging and container look so authentic

    1. They never officially admitted to it but all the high end palettes they were selling at that stage like the naked ones, they were all fakes. I also contacted the authorized Chanel sellers in SA to ask them and they too seemed to think it was a replica.

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