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Clinique inspired Roll! Staring with me 3 steps to perfect skin!

Iv decided to focus my attention and blogging on Clinique for a while, just to express how great the products are and the amazing results you can achieve! I’m gonna start this clinique inspired roll with My 3 Step start and finish to every day..

Iv always been a simple girl that enjoys a easy no fuss routine and years ago before I found clinique I had never even though of having a 3 step skin care routine, I was a basic wash my face and go kinda girl. But with age comes needs and thank heaven a friend introduced me to clinique!

When starting a 3 step routine it can take a bit of getting used to and the key is to make sure every day, twice a day, that you do all 3 steps. Now Clinique has a few different products for every step and iv chopped and changed mine around and recently settled on the following 3 I’ll be giving you more info on. but first just the basics of it is #1 a wash (soap bar or liquid wash)  #2 toner/clarifying lotion and step #3 moisturizer.

My step #1 is the Clinique facial cleansing soap bar in the anti blemish solutions range. I chose this one as it helps keep my skin clear as well as clear up signs of previous brake out. I choose the soap bar because it lasts very long and I feel it is amazing quality for its price R235. It isn’t over drying and you can feel it has cleaned your face, just make sure not to get it in your eyes too hectic cause it can sometimes burn my eyes (I have a toddler and sometimes try peep out the corner of my eye to see what’s happening resulting in soap in my eye).


My step #2 is the Clinique clarifying lotion in number 3 for combination oily skin. Iv chosen this one to help combat the oily T zone I get so that my skin is nicely balanced. This is easily used on a cotton ball and using a small amount just wipe over the face Avoiding the sensitive eye area if u are sensitive there. This helps to tone and exfoliate resulting in clear glowing skin. I sometimes when in a hurry forgot this step but really girls it’s such an important step as it makes a huge different on skin appearance.  Pricing at R190 for a 200ml

clinique toner

Iv switched step 3 up a little cause of skins needs but basic Clinique step 3 is their fantastic dramatically different moisturising lotion that is amazing at locking in moisturizer on any skin!

So lastly but not least as this product is the star of my show!! My #3 is the Clinique Repairwear laser focus Serum!! Yay! This one excites me  hehe, if you have been following my previous weeks posts u would have seen me trying out anti aging products. Iv chosen this one on it’s own as my step 3 cause I find layering too many products causes my skin to get over oily and this on its own is great for me. A little goes an extremely long way as u only use 3 drops and it’s soft and silky and skin feels instantly smooth! This product promises to smooth,restore and correct and improves the appearance of wrinkle and skins texture!  Now I know it sounds too good to be true! But trust me this stuff works miracles!  I’ve only been using it two days and I can already see a difference in my skin and the appearance of wrinkles and Fine lines!! My prayers are answered!!!  If you don’t have some then I suggest you get some!  Pricing R680 for a 30ml

clinique repaireware

So that’s my 3 step basic start to skin care! It will get your skin to where u want it :) I’ll be doing another post soon on my clinique make up adventures and other add on’s to the routine So keep an eye out for that!

Love Clinique.

Happy weekend!  Xx

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