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Janu-worry is over now, can you believe it?! So here is my first post of this years monthly best buy products. These products really stood out from everything else I tried recently and I vote them as very good buys.

#1 – La-tweez Pro Illuminating tweezers

I may be old fashioned but I still pluck my eyebrows by myself to keep them in shape, I know many people now go for a wax and proper shaping but I just do not get time for that. With running around after the kids and going to work and everything there just isn’t time to go have my brows done so when I have 5 minutes to spare then I quickly pluck them into submission and I need a good tweezer that does the job properly. The La-tweez Illuminating tweezer is the perfect tweezer! It lights up the little hairs you can’t see in bad lighting and the tip grips hair easily so you do not waste time trying to get the little hair’s out. R285.00 from Sorbet salons

La tweez illuminating tweezers


MYHRU is a 100% natural serum made from a powerful blend of natural oils that are high in vitamins. This serum is great for treating your skin and helps for protecting, toning, hydrating, smoothing, anti-aging, restoring and the list goes on… I love using it as a night cream before I go to bed and this insures I wake up with soft, plump glowing skin. My skin tone is more even since I have been using it and I no longer get dry patches. This serum is also great as part of your beauty routine, you can use it before you apply foundation or even mix a drop into your foundation for a dewy glowing look that moisturizes skin. Because MYHRU is 100% natural it is also great for using on children. My daughter has terribly sensitive skin on her cheeks that often gets dry easily or can be irritated by things like sunblock or face paint and this serum helps treat her skin and protect it, It is also great to use on scars. This stunning Product sells for R680 and can be bought from


#3 Tangle Teezer 

Oh where oh where has this Tangle Teezer been all my life! This nifty, simple looking hair brush completely solved all the arguments I have with my daughter about brushing her hair. Zoe has fine hair that for some reason gets tangled up so quickly and brushing it is a nightmare and always ends in her crying and me arguing that it must be brushed. The Tangle Teezer solved this problem because it effortlessly just glides through the hair as it magically takes all the tangles out, it is also just the right shape for Zoe to learn to brush her own hair because it is easy for her to hold onto.  This hair brushing marvel sells for only R240 and is available from Click stores.

Tangle Teezer

#4 Eucerin CC Cream spf 50

Or what I like to call My skins new best friend! I started using this in December and have not looked back. The Eucerin CC cream is a tinted color correcting cream with a spf 50. It does a wonderful job at moisturizing the skin so I use it every morning before I put my foundation on and this insures that my skin is well protected from the sun (probably the most important beauty step is spf) and it also gives my skin a natural glow and tint so that I do not really need to over apply foundation and some mornings just use a foundation brush and a bit of pressed powder foundation to go over the CC cream and that is perfect coverage for me! I absolutely love this product because it does so many things in one and I really notice the difference that using a daily high spf in my routine has made. This CC cream sells for R199-99 and is available from Dischem stores.

Eucerin CC cream

Well that’s it for now.. Ill be back soon with more wonderful products.


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