Essence mascara’s are the best

This week on the blog I will be talking about mascara and eyeliner, because I feel like these are the two makeup staples that no one can go without. I swap and change my beauty routine but I always have mascara and eyeliner on. When it comes to mascara my most loved go to brand has got to be Essence cosmetics, I have bought the most expensive high end mascaras and been disappointed because my Essence one is better. Here are my top three Essence mascara’s

Essence mascara range

I have repurchased the essence lash princess false lash effect mascara a good few times, I discovered it about a year ago in a press drop I got from them and from there is was just love love love!! The actual packaging of the product is fun, I really enjoy the rubber like pattern on the lid/wand handle. The brush its self goes from big to small at the tip so you do not get too much product on the smaller inner lashes, I find with big inner bristles it goes through onto the lid in the inner corner where the small lashes are. The formula is thin and long lasting and glides on perfectly. The look created is long false lash like lashes with good volume. It is a breeze to use and a bargain for around R59-99 you really cant go wrong! Go buy 5 of them cause I promise you will love it for its price. This one I can compare as a dupe to my high end Dior show mascara except some days I think the Essence formula is better but the Dior brush is a darling.

Essence lash princess false lash effect mascara

Second up is the Essence Multi-Action mascara. It took me a while before I used this one, I always check the mascara brush cause I do prefer a more fluffy fanned out brush to brush the lashes and tend to stay away from short spiky plastic brushes. That being said I am now very surprised and hooked on this mascara after trying it, I switched to using it after my Lash princess finished. This mascara does it all, It gives volume and length while perfectly separating lashes. This gives high definition and an intense wide eyed fluffy lashes look that is to die for. To compare it to a high end mascara I would say that it makes me think of the Clinique high impact but I think that is because the brush is similar.

Essence Multi-Action mascara

And lastly for today I have the Essence I Heart Extreme volume mascara, waterproof. This is my go to when looking for a waterproof mascara and the brush is big and fluffy and oh so lovable. This is obviously good for anyone looking for a waterproof mascara but it also does wonders for big ultra black volume!!! like va va volume. I will probably be wearing this during labour haha but I will have to report back on how that goes.

Essence I heart extreme waterproof mascara

Here are Pictures below of the different mascara’s and the effect they have, I put on one eye only so you can see the difference to my natural lashes. As you can see they all have a fantastic effect.

Essence Lash princess mascara

Essence Multi-Action Mascara

Essence I heart extreme waterproof mascara

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  1. I love the Essence mascaras, I have two of them but I do not have the Essence Lash Princess mascara, I must try it cause I see it everywhere these days!!! You have a lovely blog :)


  2. As always, thanks for the review! I will be buying the Princess first to try.

  3. Timea Joo says:

    It was nice to read your review! :) Sorry that I commenting this at this post but I’ve read that you are in the same shoe than I’m, I have a 2 years old daughter and a daughter on the way this month. (due date april 12) :)

    1. Melissa says:

      Hello, yes my daughter is 3 and im pregnant with my second daughter due August :) so we will both have two daughters! How are you feeling?

      1. Timea Joo says:

        Well I’m still ok but the nights are pretty hard, I can sleep but the position how I sleep is really uncomfortable because my tummy.

  4. Simone Cameron says:

    Oh wow, these look fabulous and it’s obviously so afforable! I tried one Essence mascara and I didn’t love it (none of them pictured here though), so I gave it to a friend and she’s obsessed with it. I think I’ll try one of these 3 out next :)

  5. stephanie videira says:

    yeah needed this was looking to buy an affordable mascara that works well, thanks for the tips

  6. So I’ve bought the Essence Lash Princess based on your review and I do like it but am more inlove with the packaging than anything else! I think I should also try the Essence Multi-Action mascara as I am looking for a bit more dramatic length.

    1. Melissa says:

      The lash princess is really a winner. or tho these days I find myself falling more in love with the Multi-Action. The more you brush the lashes with the brush it should give more drama, remember it is not necessary to dip into the product more than once per eye, just use whats on the brush and brush the lashes a good few strokes wiggling the brush from side to side as you brush. This should help with the drama effect.

  7. Khethiwe N Dladla says:

    I love it…

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