Essence nail effects and gel nail polish products

I have gone all pink and glittery for today’s Monday Mani looks :)
Iv done two very easy super quick to achieve looks that are sure to brighten up your week!!


My first nail look for today is a super Glittery pink one that will instantly bring sparkly girlyness to your week!!!
I used the Essence the gel nail Polish range as well as the Essence nail effects 3D flitters.


So quick and easy you just paint the gel nail Polish base coat onto clean nails. Get your 3D flitters ready, I just did my nails over the cap of the flitters container so it catches any that fall. Now do one nail at a time and paint a nice coat of the pink gel nail Polish and give it like a few seconds to just settle and then while it’s still wet you sprinkle the flitters over the went pink coat so that they stick to the nail,  tap on the flitters lightly to make sure they have stuck nicely and then move onto the next nail, carry on until the whole hand is done. To finish the look just tidy around the edges and cover with a decent coat of the gel nail Polish top coat and give it a good 10min to dry and settle :) very easy and looks all fancy and sparkly!!


Ok so then number 2 on my list for Monday Mani is a purple and pink mix also using the Essence the gel nail Polish range, base and top coat as well as the purple and pink. And you will also need a multi effect nail art brush for this one, they are a good cheap R36 at dischem. You can do this with any two colors, or even 3 or 4 colors :)


Start your prep work by doing a coat of base coat on clean nails and allowing it to dry.
Then you take your two colors and the nail art brush and apply the nail Polish onto the brush putting the colors next to each other half half like in the pic below


Then moving quickly so the Polish doesn’t dry you align the middle where the colors meet with the middle of your nail and just brush down. If you want a more marbled effect to can swerve the brush from side to side to mix colors when brushing onto nails. Do one nail at at time re applying nail Polish to brush for each nail. I suggest you do two coats of this on each nail, you can blend colors better on the second coat and then just allow to dry and apply the gel nail Polish top coat.



If you have the gel nail Polish range and a few colors you can really play around with the nail effects brush and mix colors on the brush for a nice ombre,marbled look!

Hope you enjoyed these two :)
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  1. Laurian Marlize Rensburg says:


  2. Love your gorgeous nail art photos!! So pretty, and gorgeous photos, too! xo

    1. Thats so sweet! thank you very much! xx

  3. I love nails and nail polishing is like art for me too beautiful and I just love the way u went about it too perfect and I’m learning new things I love the fact that all this information is informative, the pink and purple fit in well together

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