Essie nail lacquer & Essie Gel setter

Happy Monday again everyone :) And happy November, can not believe the year has gone so fast!! It is Monday Mani time again and here is a funky and very easy blue and purple nail look that anyone can pull off using Essie nail lacquer & Essie Gel setter top coat.

essie gel setter top coat

For today’s manicure I have used the essie polish shades “blossom dandy” and “Flowerista” as well as the new essie gel setter top coat so I can now give you feedback on how well that works!! Remember to always do the usual prep work before painting your nail color on, start by cleaning your nails with a cotton pad and some nail polish remover. Push back your cuticles and make sure your nails are the desired shape. Please also remember to use a base coat, I can not stress enough how important a good base coat is, It helps protect your nails from damage and discoloration as well as helps prolong your manicure.

essie blossom dandy

Step one of this nail look is to use the light blue blossom dandy shade and paint two very thin coats on to get a good even color. Once This is dry then you will need a pointed nail tool or even a bobbi pin hair clip or anything thin and pointy that you can use to draw lines on your nails. Then doing one nail at a time cause you need to work fast, apply a good coat of purple over the blue and quickly use your little tool to gently draw lines on your nails and this should reveal the stunning blue shade underneath. You do not have to push hard when drawing your lines as you do not want to scratch away the blue shade underneath. Give a few minutes to let this all dry and set and then you can go ahead and paint over a top coat to smooth it all out and add shine.

Essie flowerista

This is actually so easy and you can draw any shapes maybe a smiley face, hearts, flowers ….. be creative!! It is supposed to be a fun summer look. The New essie gel setter top coat has proven to be fantastic! I was a bit nervous considering the price being R169, but it makes a big difference in achieving that gel like shine and helps my nails last a few days longer than they normally do. Normally I don’t make day 3 without a chip but with this top coat I can do about 5 days before any real chipping appears. Please note that I work a lot with my hands and with all the house cleaning and picking up after my toddler I don’t get as many days wear as someone that is less busy with their hands would. So I would think if you are more careful with your nails you can definitely get a week or more out of your manicure!

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