Essie nail Lacquer and Revlon nail wraps

Monday again and with what seems like a long week ahead we definitely need a power mani to get us through the week. Since it is October and Breast Cancer awareness month I have decided to do everything pink on the blog this week in support of breast cancer awareness!! I put together this weeks nail look using my new favorite color from Essie nail lacquer and Revlon nail wraps!


This is such an easy quick do it yourself mani, took me maybe 20min including drying time so that’s easy to pull off even if you need a pretty nail look on short notice. The first step is to quickly prep your nails, file them to shape and make sure they are clean, the best way to make sure they are clean is to wipe them off with a cotton pad and some nail polish remover to remove natural oils and any other dirt that is on nails. Even if your nails look clean you should still do this step cause natural built up oils on nails and dirt you cant see can cause your nail polish to peel or chip quicker.

Revlon nail art wraps

I found these really cool Revlon nail art wraps for R29-95 !!! So obviously I bought them lol ;) These 3D Candy vibes nail art wraps are so super easy to use, the pack comes with 18 nail shaped wraps in different sizes so you get all your nails covered and have extra if you maybe made a mistake or to just do one or two nails here and there. The pack also comes with a handy little nail file and little plastic tool to clean nails and push back cuticles. You just peel them off and then i like to apply to the back of the nail and then press down towards the front and pull over the sides. you then just fold it over the front of the nail and use the nail file provided to file off the front piece that is too long and shape it around the front of the nail. Make sure to rub as it a bit to make sure that it is properly stuck down. Really very easy!!! I chose to just do my ring fingers this time instead of my whole hand.

Essie Bachelorette bash

The beautiful pink nail color I paired this with is my new favorite one! It is the essie batchelorette bash shade! I absolutely love it! It is such a bright girly pink shade that is perfect for this time of year, I feel now with the weather getting warmer that I am looking more for bright vibrant fun nail shades to energize my day. I love the essie nail colors cause they are easy to get on and off, I am sick of struggling with nail color that doesn’t apply properly or goes on thick or that is a big mission to get off. so annoying. The essie is refreshing cause it goes on neat and thin and two thin coats gives long lasting perfect color and if I do get a nail that peels or chips in front (my nails don’t last too long before chipping off the tip) then it is so easy to take off and just re-apply that one nail.

So that is the super easy nail look I am rocking this week!! Happy Monday and I hope everyone has a stunning week :)

Monday Manicure

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  1. laurakim says:

    Oh my goodness! I LOVE this colour! I generally love pink though but this colour is stuning!

    1. I am loving this color too much! It’s just perfect and looks great on toes too!!!

  2. This is such a cute mani!!! :)

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