EyeSeeHue- New Online Beauty store for international brands!

There is a new online store in SA, One that is going to answer the prayers of all beauty lovers that have been lusting over those international brands we just could not get in SA.

EyeSeeHue will be stocking international makeup brands at good pricing making it super easy for you to shop for items from Too Faced, Sephora, Eyeko, Beauty Blender, Lipstick queen and more to come! You can view which products are in stock on the site and check which products are coming soon. Delivery of products that are in stock happens super fast! (I received my stuff over night). I know you are in a hurry to check it out so go here: 


I immediately jumped onto checking out the Eyeko products, I have never heard of them before but after some googling and checking Instagram I realized that they are some what very popular. Eyeko is a British brand and only makes eye makeup products like liners, mascara and the special makeup removing wipes that take makeup off of the eye area. The mascara comes in a tube that is designed for you to get every drop out of it so you do not waste the last bit stuck in the usual mascara packaging.

I have been trying out the Eyeko Eye Do Mascara, I love the tube! This mascara is said to Create perfectly fanned out lush lashes with a carbon black finish. Key ingredients include Ginkgo Biloba, Shea Butter, Vitamins, antioxidants and botanical proteins to condition and promote lash growth. I like the brush it has, It brushes the lashes nicely to coat them and separate.

I love that it treats your lashes and promotes growth, normal mascaras actually do our lashes damage so if we can get the glam as well as look after them then why not. Sells for R395


I also couldn’t wait to give one of the Sephora face masks a go! Sephora face masks are so well known for being fabulous and I definitely (in my exhausted state) needed a nice skin treat. I chose to try out the Sephora Pearl mask for perfecting and brightening. This mask leaves your skin firm, toned and plump. With the help of white pearl, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The sheet hugs the contours of your face for comfortable adherence. These sell for around R120 each and are a huge treat for skin. My skin felt so plump and soft after using it! Definitely did the trick.


So do go check out EyeSeeHue and do some naughty Christmas shopping ;)

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