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Garnier Micellar water

This post is a must read if you have been searching for a new best friend makeup remover and skin cleanser. The Garnier Micellar water hype was huge, it still is, and all with reason! This really is a truly fantastic product! Everyone that wears any kind of makeup should have a bottle of this and also a back up bottle just in case you run out! Micellar water comes in the pink bottle for sensitive skin or the Blue pure active version, I have been using the pink one so my review is based on it.

Garnier micellar water.jpg

So what do you do with Garnier Micellar water.. It is a cleansing water that removes makeup and dirt as well as cleanses and soothes skin. I use it daily for many different uses, In the mornings when I put on my makeup I use it on a cotton bud to correct my eye-liner line and clean up mascara or eye shadow smudges, I can not stress enough how fantastic it is for this job because unlike the usual makeup remover it is non oily and leaves no residue so it does not mess with your other makeup for the day or leave your eye area looking shiny. The product is hypoallergenic and fragrance free.

Garnier Micellar cleansing water.jpg

Use Garnier Micellar water In the evenings I either use it on its own on a cotton ball to remove my makeup before falling asleep on days I am most deadly tired and cant even wash my face (Jip pregnancy can do that to you) and because Micellar water is non greasy you don’t even have to wash it off your face, it will not annoy you and you wont wake up looking like an oil slick. Or if I shower and wash my face in the shower I then use the Micellar water afterwards on a cotton ball to take off stubborn mascara and liner that didn’t come off in the shower, it removes even the most stubborn makeup with a breeze of ease! I also use it on a cotton ball to clean off my makeup containers and foundation bottles that sometimes get a bit dirty with makeup residue.

Garnier Micellar water for sensative skin.jpg

The Garnier Micellar water sells for only R79-99 and the bottles are generously big 400ml and when it says you get up to 200 uses out of it they are not kidding cause it really does go a very very long way! Bargain alert! They have also brought out Micellare wipes now, how cool is that?! I haven’t tried them yet but will let you know when I do because I am sure to progress to a lazy stage of pregnancy where I need loads of wipes.

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  1. Where can I buy this product I have never seen it? Or maybe it’s because I don’t look around to much when shopping lol!

  2. Rachel Martin says:

    I’ve tried this and it’s one of my favorite cleansing waters, so good! Thanks for sharing your lovely review!

  3. Being Me - With Celeste says:

    I recently bought a bottle with all the initial hype and I am hooked.

  4. The Blog Centre says:

    I have never seen this Cleansing water and must look out for it. I love the Garnier Toner it is also very refreshing

  5. I’ve tried so many make-up removers that you have to really scrub at your skin to get them to work. This sounds like a great product, I think i’ll be buying this one :) #ShowcaseTuesday

  6. Lindi Mogale says:

    I love this product I am using it at the moment

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