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Get rid of dry winter skin with Nivea

Nivea has been around for soooo long that I actually do not remember life without their products. When I was young my mother used to buy me the Nivea moisturizer and I will always remember the smell of it and how much I loved it in my younger days and as a teen through high school I had a little tub that went everywhere with me. Years later and I still get the special memories every time I smell that same Nivea smell.

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We are coming out of winter now and already heading to shorter skirts and summer wear, but who wants to show more skin when its still dry and dull from the winter months. I thought I would run through three of the Nivea skincare items that are just fabulous, affordable and super easy to fit into your routine. These products will help keep your skin healthy and happy and looking good.

Nivea Q10 Plus firming body oil

The Nivea Q10 plus Firming body oil is one of my favorite products from Nivea, I love the blue bottle and the feeling of the oil on my skin is amazing! As you rub it on it makes your skin feel like satin, like you just want to put more on and keep rubbing. I have been using it on my pregnant belly, hips and thighs and I gave birth last week Thursday and my skin looks great! My skin tone is even toned and looking firm! I am going to continue rubbing it onto the areas that need it most cause I can definitely see the difference. This product sells for R109.99 for 200ml and helps for the following:

  • Firms skin in two weeks
  • Evens skin tone
  • Nourishes intensively
  • Reduces appearance of stretch marks
  • Improves the skin’s elasticity

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Nivea Rich nourishing body cream

This body lotion smells amazing and leaves skin feeling wonderful. It absorbs fast so that is a big plus for me, I hate lotions that leave me feeling sticky then I cant get my flipping jeans on lol. I can imagine this one being a great lotion for summer, I think it will be the bottle I keep in my beach bag to keep my skin hydrated or soothed after I have gotten too much sun. It instantly peps up dry skin and you can see and feel the difference. I leave it standing around the house cause its also great to just rub some on as a hand cream or on my arms quick when I need hydration. It sells for 250ml R36.99 or get a 400ml R47.99. Such a HUGE bargain buy!!!


Nivea in-shower body moisturser

This product I have used a good few bottles of and still think it is one of the best inventions to ever hit skincare. The Nivea in shower moisturizer is designed for you to rub on and use while you are in the shower or bath, you simply rub it onto your skin and you do not have to rinse it off. Simply rub it on, hop out the bath or shower and dry yourself and you are left with super soft moisturized skin!! best feeling ever. It also works wonders as a shaving cream and smells great like all the Nivea products do. This is a good option for people that do not like the feeling of creams or feeling sticky after applying cream. Also works well when you are in a hurry because you do not have to stand and rub at the cream to rub it in. It sells for only R54.99 (400ml)

Nivea in shower moisturiser

With these three Nivea products your skin is sure to stay soft, smooth and looking healthy. A big selling point for me is the quality you are getting for the price, they are so affordable and it really is up there with top high end skincare brands that are way more expensive.



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