Getting Involved in your child’s education

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Planning, Preparing and protecting your child’s future…

Modern education and children are so different to what it was when I was in school, these days we have so many new career options and extra classes or sports options. It takes a lot of planning and preparing as a parent to make sure that our children take all the classes that they need and explore as many options of sports and careers that we can afford. Here are my current thoughts, struggles and plans on the topic and a chance to WIN a awesome wooies voucher!


Planning ….

I really suck at planning but this year I have decided to be way more involved and plan ahead for my daughters education. She is only going to grade R next year but the build up and planning to that is also so important. Here are a few pointers on my planning

  • Choosing a school- This was a hard one for me because I wanted her to go to a school that some of her best friends from play school were also going to attend, but I could not afford the one school and then there was the problem of finding an English school that is good enough and suitable.
  • Stationary and uniforms- I have decided to ask the school that I enroll her in next year for their stationary lists so that I can already start buying and preparing it for when she goes there.
  • sports & extra classes- I had a look at the sports and extra classes that the school offers so that she can take something now that prepares her for them. For example the Ballet and swimming. She is now doing swimming twice a week and a weekly dance class so when she goes to ‘big school” she will already know the basics.


Preparing financially is hard and I have not managed to save a cent yet! I feel like a failure as a parent because I had always imagined that I would prepare for my children in a way that my parents did not prepare for my education. I have been looking at the Liberty Education builder plan that allows you to put money away every month for your children’s education.

When I was in school we did not have to pay extra for sports, it was included in the schools monthly fee. These days everything your child does is at a n extra cost so I need to start preparing for the two sports that she loves and then also what if she needs an extra language class or something. It is very scary to think of!

Just thinking for two kids if they each have three extra classes/sports at about R350 a month per class is an extra R2100 a month! That is not even thinking about school fees or stationary.


Once we are done stressing about all the planning and preparing then there is the worry of what will happen if I am no longer around to take care of my children, who will pay for their education or help take care of them when my husband is at work if something were to happen to me.

If I die in a car crash tomorrow, who will spend time driving my kids around to school and extra classes, or help with homework and practicing sports at home. I may not be the primary bread winner but my time is so valuable. My husband would have to hire a nanny to help with the kids and then that is an EXTRA cost! What if my husband where to fall ill or get in an accident, what would happen to our income.

Life insurance is one thing but it definitely doesn’t cover everything that we need, this is why an EduCator risk benefit is necessary, to ensure that your child’s education is secured​ should you become severely ill, disabled or even when you are no longer around.

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  1. Ronnae Elliott says:

    Make a list of things that need to be done, so that nothing is forgotten, prepare up to 2 weeks in advance to leave enough time to get things which you don’t have. Try to invest in a future savings plan for you children’s education because cost of living is so high.

  2. Luchae Williams says:

    So my teen will be applying for varsity soon and Im just over here wishing I had planned better! AACK! The Education Builder really looks like a good idea for my other little ones. Saving up for your children’s education just makes sense.

  3. Kelly Jennings says:

    When we started looking for schools for my son we went with one i went to as a child. It wasnt ideal and landed up moving him. With my daughter we looked at schools we had heard about and we looked at the quality of care, education and school environment. It is pricey i wont lie but the difference is huge,
    Last year we had been given back unused stationary so we used that for this for my son. The uniforms are still in good condition so he can use those for this year. Clothing that has faded or has slightly marks we use for schooling for my daughter. We have limited extra murals as they a additional cost.

  4. Nadia Hall says:

    I myself have not saved a cent yet for my child’s education. We always think we have time, but then you blink and realise that all you have done is wasted that time. I don’t think we don’t fully realise all the costs involved once your child starts school. My little boy is only in Grade R, and his stationery came up to R1000.00, include school uniforms, school fees, aftercare, the little extras that the school requires from parents each month, Tuck shop Wednesdays, Snack Fridays and all the extra murals that they offer as well. It all adds up too quite a hefty sum at the end of each month. And this is for a 5 year old. I can’t even begin to imagine what I’ll be forking out when my boy hits high school If you haven’t already started saving then START SAVING NOW!!! It’s never too late.
    Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now!

  5. I love the Libertys education builder plan . I believe in investing for my childs future and with the current situation of our country esoecially regarding to economic terms its terrifying. I will not be able to afford tertiary education in 10 years time. I believe planning for the future should be more inportant that immediate pleasures abd comforts. I brought my child into this world and its my responsibility to give her the best i can.

  6. Carolyn Augustus says:

    Saving for education has become so essential with the rising cost of living. The Education Builder really looks like a fantastic idea, definitely something I’ll be looking into.

  7. The provision of long-term protection and planning is a different story, though, and thank you for being reminded of not small-mindedness. We do need to be reminded of the urgency of protection if we are no longer around to take care of our children.

  8. Buy items for lunchboxes in bulk :) So mini cheddars, yoghurts on special, mini viennas, etc! Freeze what you can. Then you can just take out and pack as needed!

  9. Yvette Hamilton says:

    #LibertyBack2School Open an investment portfolio with Liberty by the time your child reaches the age of one. Once your child reaches University there will be ample money in his / her portfolio to cover the costs for whatever career path they choose and more than enough to cover their books. We ALL want the best for our children, our children are the future of our country and the world is their oyster #ThinkBig #ThinkSmart #ThinkLiberty #investInYourChildsEducation – If you only pay school fees for ten months of the year like we do, from January until October, put the school fees money away in November and December to assist with any additional costs for the following year, that way you are prepared for any unforeseen expenses #BePrepared #OneStepAhead

  10. lynn botha says:

    A primary school was build within walking distance from our house, and for 3 years I watched it grow until my kids were ready. They are now in Grade 1 and 2 and they are so happy there. I tried to plan ahead with savings for school uniforms etc. but failed miserably. And if I compare the cost of my son’s uniform and my daughters, well her’s was so much more. I bought a size to big for her for grade 1 and thankfully didn’t have to replace any of her clothing for Grade 2.. my son however.. I have no doubt that I will probably have to replace shoes, takkies etc by mid year. I need to start making a plan now to save for their future – as hard as that is, and there is more month at the end of the money every month. I don’t know where else I can cut from, but its a reality. I will definitely do more research into the Education builder.

  11. Loveitha Ramjiyavan says:

    This year my son is in grade RR but hubby and I decided it’s not to early to take out an education policy for him so he can have tertiary education. We want him to have the opportunities we didn’t have. It’s always better to be prepared in advance. Life is so unpredictable.

  12. Michelle Laubscher says:

    I was quite nervous when my son started high school, as we went from paying less than R1000 a year at primary school to close to R2000 per month including transport at high school. The last two years has been a struggle but we survived. My daughter will also be going to high schoo in a few years and I need to urgently save towards that. The thought of having two kids who will need school fees and transport to school is making me sweat, but settling debt and keeping out of debt will make their educational needs more affordable.

  13. Elize Swanepoel says:

    I usually make a list as things come to mind, so that by the time I have to get everything ready I can check things off the list. My son is only 19 months now. I currently don’t have the means to take out a policy or anything like that towards his education. I have however opened up a savings account in his name where I deposit money every month. I’ve given his bank details to my relatives as well so that they can deposit money as well. It’s not much, but it is something.

  14. Janel Sunderlall says:

    Education is extremely important and i am trying my best to ensure that my kids get the best education possible. Saving is definitely 1 of the ways to ensure that they become the best version of themselves and obtaining the best education possible

  15. Bongiwe Ndimande-Mbhele says:

    Hi Melissa, thank you for a very informative article and to Liberty for the making us aware of saving for our kids future education. I am searching for a school for grade 1 for next year for my little girl. So I am looking for a good school that will be able to take my son as well in a few years time. My daughter loves swimming so the school needs to have swimming as one of the curricular activities. I hope we get a good school than we will be sorted. I have a policy the Liberty’s EduCator Risk benefit for her and now I need to take the Education Builder so that I know her Higher education is taken care off.

  16. Losh Don Kisten says:

    As moms we have the intuition about our kids strengths & weakness, so I encourage her passion and whats she good at, feeding on that passion with words of encouragement, kids need guidance and as mums we thrive on doing what we feel is good for their emotional wellbeing as well teaching them to be independent & become the shining stars they are…Also with the high cost of quality education, savings need to start as early as possible #LibertyBack2School

  17. Nirvana says:

    There’s a huge difference between education costs when we were growing up & what’s offered now. Back then not only were the sports activities included in school fees, but so was stationery and text books.
    Now everything is separate & schools are run like businesses!
    The one scary part for me, is what happens if something happens to both my husband and I…..& I’m so glad you included this in your article as well – so I know others have these same thoughts.
    But I’m not sure if we can prepare ourselves or kids for this……it’s just too scary!

  18. Tanya van der Merwe says:

    My hubby and I started saving for my little boys school years soon after he was born! We are both nervous about the costs involved, especially because our nearest school is 90km away and our kiddies will have to stay at a hostel aswell! The Education Builder really is a good idea!

  19. Betina Fleming says:

    My advice is to prepare your family financially for the education of your kids in the event of your death. You have hopes and dreams for our children in terms of where they will be schooled and what extra murals they will do but you can’t expect a family member who may already be overburdened to take on the costs of schooling your child and giving theme everything you would have hoped to! Something like the EduCator Risk Benenfit from Liberty is PERFECT for making sure that everything is taken care of! #LibertyBack2School

  20. Communicate properly with your kids and do not create any gaps. Talk to them and hear them out.
    Motivate your children towards their academic goals so they often don’t find the need for education. Making them understand just how important education is towards one’s life is a good way to start. Don’t be too forceful – instead, make them want to learn. That’s the way to go forward.

  21. I always encourage parents to start having am educational plan the moment your kids are born. We all wish for the best for our kids and that starts with a good education. Universities are very expensive and I rest assured that my child will be able to go and study the career of her choice thanks to good financial decision and not to forget to always encourage her to give it her best always.

  22. Fatima Moolla says:

    I think that chosing the right school is one of the hardest parenting decisions you’ll ever have to make. A decent school within your budget sometimes feels like a compromise because we all want only the best for our kids. i regret not starting to save when i planned to.. that being said, i hope this year i can manage to budget for education policies despite the unexpected expenses (and baby!) on the way.

  23. I think there are tons of things to consider, just based on the type of child you have when considering a school and with this education builder money doesn’t HAVE to be a factor. Which is awesome, we are going to start preparing for my eldest to go for highschool soon… so I probably should have looked at this sooner.

  24. Natali says:

    I do not have children of my own, but I have two younger sisters, and I want the absolute best for them. Apart from the financial worries, which can be very daunting at times, eg: school fees, transport, uniform, stationary, extra activities etc.
    I worry most about their emotional well being. Schools have become such hostile environments, with bullying on the increase, and with the workload steadily increasing as they become older, I worry about the stressful impact it will have on them. You constantly worry about weather or not you’ve done enough in supporting them, and providing them with the advice and encouragement that they need.


  25. Ayesha says:

    Save from day 1, keep saving as much as you can, you will be so grateful for even a little extra that you had put away.

  26. Liz Strydom says:

    Wooow what a prize!!! #LibertyBack2School
    I always worry what will happen if something happened to me or hubby or both, we have nothing n place and no cover. Good read.

  27. Shantel Moodley says:

    I am very proactive with my 2 nieces and 2 nephews . Their mother passed away last year . My family and I assist their dad in growing up the kids . My duties as their aunt is school stationery . I plan ahead , and save R300 a month so I can get accumulated enough in December , to start the stationery shopping .

  28. Dané Benn says:

    We’ve got an educational risk benefit on our life insurance policy, but I never thought about starting to invest in my girls’ education now already… will definitely be sitting down with the husband and talking about this one!!

  29. Help your child everyday with homework This has helped my child so much Questions she was afraid to ask the teacher She was able to ask me Reading helps your child in every subjects encourage your child to read

  30. Tasneem Katsen says:

    Look for schools in advance and what the fees structure are like. Apply for bursaries where you able to. Ensure you have a savings or education policy in place for when your little one starts school and try to start saving as early as possible. Quality and solid education builds a great foundation and is more important than having the nice to haves such as branded clothing,expensive toys etc. If you can afford by all means,but one should always think ahead and plan for the unexpected.

  31. I don’t have kids yet but I’m a serial list maker and planner. I hope that when I do have little ones, that I organize everything ahead of time to make the back to school chaos, a little less crazy. Very interesting to read all the comments and take away some wisdom from the parents on your blog :) Preparation is key but the reality is- sometimes life gets in the way and that’s fine #LibertyBack2School

  32. Anusha Naidoo says:

    My story and advice
    As a single mommy (unfortunately widowed at a young age ) with a little girl to raise. I knew the importance of an education as being independent and successful is essential to life’s survival. I had a savings account in which I saved for school needs from fees to stationery to uniforms. During the December period I would be well organized and have all school requirements purchased. So need to rush and stress when its time for school to reopen. Especially being a single parent I need to plan well and be organized as I have to do it all on my own
    I enjoyed reading and found it interesting informative and enlightening what stands out for me is the Liberty Educator Risk Benefit very appealing to me.
    #sponsored #LibertyBack2School #Giveaway

    So to parents be prepared for unexpected things happening such as losing a spouse,sole bread winner invest with Liberty to secure your child’s future education is the best gift to our children

  33. Amalia says:

    Oh wow, still wanted to enter iver the weekend and time just flew by, hopefully not too late already…
    In a span of two years I lost my mom, two grans and my dad had a stroke. I try to live by the rule to make the most of today, because you never know what might happen tomorrow.
    The unfortunate reality is that life can be over in a blink of an eye, but as a parent you HAVE to consider your childs future, it’s your responsibility as their parent to provide, not just in the now, but for the future.
    Making sure you teach them the right morals and values to one day become outstanding human beings is your job in the home, and making sure they excel out in the world, school, university, wirk one day is your job outside of the home.
    It’s not something to take lightly as the world is becoming more and more harsh, good education or not each one struggles, but building the right foundations ensure us as parents that even through the struggles we tought then and gave them the right tools to handle the situation and push through it.
    Wether its a liberty EduCator policy (which mkes saving easier) or putting away your change, you HAVE to…

  34. I’m a little late getting my say in here, but I just wanted to share my thoughts :) My daughter has just started Grade 1 and it has been hectic getting everything organized.

    Thankfully the stationery was easy, I just ordered it online and it was delivered all together – no fuss…

    Financially is has been rather rough – we have chosen the school that we feel is the best for our children but it is hardly cheap, in fact it is the most expensive school in our area. I’m also coming to find that while I was in school all the sports were included and that is no longer the case! So we are now coughing up a load more money for that each term too.

    We could have gone for a cheaper school but if you look at the difference in price and then look at the difference in what you get for that additional money I do think it is well worth the extra amount.

    We’ve started off the year well with a very strict routine of getting homework done early every afternoon –
    let’s just hope that I can keep this up! It is quite tough to keep everything together with regards to everything for school, running the household and keeping up with my work. Holding thumbs!

  35. With everything being so expensive, see where you can save. I keep looking for specials (keep the list on your phone so that you can access what you need at all times). Also see if people are selling second hand uniforms as that can save a HUGE amount of money.

    This is such a huge decision. It is one that affects the rest of your child’s life. We looked for a school that offered many opportunities. A good educational track record, good sports options, cultural options.

  36. Keep an open line of communication not only with your child but with the Principal and your child’s teachers. Let your children have fun and do not put too much pressure on them. Keep an eye out for any changes in behaviour which could be from peer pressure or bullying at school. Get involved with your child’s school activities ie sports and play/s concerts.

  37. What stands out for me – “Start planning for your child’s education today.”
    Emphasis on TODAY. People always tend to put things like this off, but in the blink of an eye your kids are all grown and ready for school.
    My daughter just started Educare this year – we were very excited but a little nervous too lol. So far, so good. She is an absolute star.

    I am such a control freak so we had been planning and prepping for her first day well in advance – its always great to be well prepared, i feel it definitely helps the kid to feel more at ease.


  38. Shaaista says:

    It was really a task choosing a school for my daughter who started grade R this year but I feel we made the best decision taking into consideration all factors more especially her well being & we couldn’t be happier. Early education is important for our little ones as they now start learning independence. It’s amazing how cost of education has sky rocketed & affordability plays a key role as well

  39. Alex Michel says:

    Do what you can for your kids. Love is spelt T-I-M-E for children. Really! So dint stress if you can’t afford the best, give your children time, every day. Full time, not half cooking/half Facebooking time.

  40. Talitha Dias says:

    Set your kids’ sleep schedules back to “School Time” two weeks before the first day.
    Get your kids involved in programs that they can do after school to keep them active.
    Encourage your kids to read at least one book before the school year begins.
    Reacquaint your kids with the calendar schedule they’ll use to manage their activities.
    Create a family calendar that tracks everyone’s activities and commitments.
    Refresh your rules about screen time for the school year. What’s allowed and when?
    Determine how long it takes them to do assignments to help with time management. Teach your kids to prioritize their assignments by making to-do lists with deadlines.
    Give your kids a short break after each assignment they finish, such as a short walk.
    Set a regular alarm each day that signals the start of homework time.
    Discuss what your kids can expect on the first day so they feel more prepared.
    Visit the school with your kids so they can get familiar with their new environments.
    Create a dedicated space for your kids to store their school supplies and technology.
    Establish a specific space like the family office as the official “homework area.”
    Remove distractions like TVs and video game consoles from homework areas.
    Repurpose and relabel plastic tubs to organize all school supplies.
    Help your kids develop a filing system for organizing their documents for each class.
    Set — and enforce — regular weekday and weekend bedtimes.
    Set — and enforce — regular weekday and weekend wake-up calls.

  41. Nicola Meyer says:

    I should have taken out an education plan years ago but it’s hard in this day and age. I do have a unit trust for my daughter and the plan is to add to it. I let my daughter choose a special pack of book covers or pretty paper and then the rest of the books get plain covers. I buy stationery from the store that offers the best price. This year Pick n’ Pay was the best for the hard cover books. Only uniform I had to buy was socks

  42. Tertia says:

    My advice is … start saving for your children’s education as soon as they are born… Don’t put it off… You will regret it!!

  43. Faziela Prantice says:

    Education is important and the key to a brighter future. It’s sad to tell your child you cannot pay for the studies. It is awesome that Liberty have the plan whereby you can save money over a certain amount of years for your child education. It for you to have peace of mind and less stress. We need to invest in our children as they are the leaders of tomorrow.

  44. Zzana Bhayla says:

    I’ve already started planning for my little one who hasn’t even arrived yet. I feel like this needs all the preparation and thinking through as it can possibly get. There’s so many things that we forget at the time of sorting these matters out so making notes of vital information as time goes on leaves you with a solid plan going forward!

  45. WOW – this subject leaves a dark cloud over my heart as it makes me realize how I could have been better. I believe that as parents we all try and do the best we can but hindsight is 20/20 right! I was 17 when my daughter was born so I was mostly fighting to be able to buy nappies & milk (luckily I have an amazing family that supported me through this) the sad thing is that her education was the absolute last thing on my mind – I had lots of time to prep right?! – Wrong – 7 years went by in a heartbeat and there we were – GR.1 – Who knew the costs involved in starting school! I had to loan money to make this possible. Well one more wink it seemed and it’s 4 years later! GR. 4 – She needs a suitcase that costs R1000 – What!? Clothes need to be replaced as kids grow faster than grass… I wasn’t ready for any of this. I wish that I had been aware of an awesome savings plans like the ones offered by Liberty – I would have jumped on the bandwagon long ago! I wish that I had been better at planning but here is to being prepared for High School and University. No more nasty surprises! I wish all mums (and dads of course) happy parenting and successful planning!

  46. Michelle Vermaak says:

    I buy stuff throughout the year, like uniform, I started buying a little bit each month so that it wasn’t one huge expense. I also have a savings account for the future so my children can have Higher Education if they so choose. That way I am pretty prepared for the future I think

  47. Melissa Moses says:

    I have two kids aged 6 and 3 and i worry about their future all the time. But with the rising living costs-its really difficult to save. My hubby and i have resorted to cutting down on junk food and takeouts and rather buy whats necessary to ensure that we have spare funds which can be put into a savings account for the kids rather.

  48. Heather says:

    Great post! It’s nice to know that there is a policy specifically aimed at saving for your child’s education and insurance if anything were to happen to you, one less thing to worry about. When you have a baby, the expenses keep rolling in, and because they’re so tiny you always think you can save later for their education, next thing you know it’s time for them to start school!
    We have decided to send our daughter to a public school from grade R and then invest in private education for her high school career. We are very fortunate to have a great public school just down the road.

  49. Hubby and I got an education fund for the kids – kept some money aside for their education and what comes with it. I think it is important to budget ahead.

  50. My advice would be to be prepared. Try and budget, school supplies and books and uniform are super expensive. Know which shops stock what you need and plan.

    Don’t get caught up in the “it would be nice” and just be practical.

    I have 1 kid that has just started High school, one in Grade two, and 1 in preschool. We have our hands full trying to keep up with 3 different schools.

  51. Michéle Botha says:

    Always work hard from day one, and never let the chance go by to learn or take advice from others! Education is so important and such a powerful weapon in the war of survival and progression in life. Always remember that we all have our own unique skills and strong points – never compare yourself to others! Your best is good enough! <3

  52. cirstenvandenheuvel says:

    I actually didn’t plan last year and should of saved up and bought my sons school uniform and paid for January school fees in December. By the time January came and the school uniform shop opened I had not much money to buy his uniform because my husband company is battling and him being the business owner couldn’t pay himself because it’s been doing so bad so I eventually started selling things to pay for the kids school uniform and school fees like just the day before school started. I was stressed last year I should of put money away every month so by the time December came then January school fees I could of paid for and the school uniform. I like that liberty you Invest on your behalf for a year if you get retrenched. #LibertyBack2School

  53. Amelia Theunissen says:

    I opened a separate savings account and every month I transfer funds which will go towards the next year’s expenses, i.e. registration & daycare/school fees, stationary etc.

  54. Olivine Govender says:

    My son is jus at the beginning of his schooling career. Financially things are tough but thankfully my hubby is the one who pushes us to save and spend wisely. We have learnt to live with the necessities. We do this because we want our son to have the things that we could not. Especially the opportunity to study and further himself as far as his heart desires. We also know that investing in his future is not only based on finance but also on time encouragement and motivation. We will continue to give him our best

  55. I have three boys in school…the juggling is pretty hectic recently as I lost my husband 5 months ago and now have to cope on my own while trying to keep a sense of normality in our lives. I try to check all the homework every day to make sure they understand the work…I have to be practicle and admit that sometimes I am so exhausted that I sign the diary without checking if all the work is done. Education is everything but kids also need to play and these days I feel they get too much homework and never have time to play outside in the week…getting to know their world through play is education so maybe schools should cut down on the homework and projects(that are expensive and the parents have to do a lot of the leg work).

  56. Lisa Harrison says:

    I have always believed in having a plan and putting money aside each month towards that plan. Education is the most important and valuable thing you can give to your child!!! So we opened an account for my son when he was born that we encourage family members to put money into for his birthday and Christmas instead of giving gifts. Being financially smart and preparedness is crucial. That way you don’t have to stress as those days creep up on your family!

  57. Ayesha says:

    Start with saving and then making reading the foundation for educational success.

  58. I am blown away by school expenses. Its one thing knowing the fees, it’s another thing when you learn that there is still so much more to pay for: extramural activities, books, cupcakes, shavathon, etc. I definitely need to create a more realistic budget for the cost of schooling.

  59. Fadwa says:

    So my son is 13 a teenager with moods, bad friends the works. Anyway put him into this high school which I didn’t no that 1 of his bad friends where at, then wanted to take him out. Coz couldn’t let my son face this, then heard about sports school, tried applying but it was unfortunately to late. He has a interest in soccer, coz has been playing for 3 years for a club now and also played for his primary school. Even used to play under 16. He is also very good at running as he came 1st in most of his races seeing that the athletics is underway. For as a single I strive to give my kids only the best, what I didn’t have growing up.

  60. stephanie videira says:

    My daughter starts grade 1 in 2 years time, i am planing to buy her uniform threw out next year so that by the end of the year comes its not a huge dent in the pocket, also before buying there stationery check the specials can make a huge difference, and start an account when there born and when theirs some spare cash put it away for them education, extra murals

  61. Dawn Clarke says:

    I never leave things to the last minute. school things are sorted at least 3 weeks before they go back. Everything is marked with their names. I cover all text books in contact clear as soon as they bring them home. That way the condition of the book lasts. I Love stationary… so I go a little nuts when buying that .. some years I have spent over R8000 on stationary and uniform for two. I wish I had thought to save money just for education.. the cost is very high… never mind transport, after care, school fees, school trips, lunch money etc. If you are planning to have children… start saving now…

  62. Tiffany Linde says:

    As a single mother saving is virtually impossible however I do even if its R100 a month and put it in an untouchable account. I would like to work towards these education policies and see them as a good way of beung in control of how to spend the money wisely. We do reuse items if it’s at all possible such as stationary and clothes. I don’t believe in buying only the name brands of everything and wasting extra money just to impress other people. I have been saving since my children were born and make sure that even if I go without they are covered.

  63. Jacqueline Engelbrecht says:

    Plan plan plan. Everything from uniform to stationery to extra murals and a bit extra for incidentals. We are all doing our best for our kids. The liberty plan looks like any excellent starting point in saving for their future

  64. Geraldine Lokchander says:

    I would say plan in advance, help your child prepare notes, make sure they have eaten the right food and had enough sleep

  65. Arthi says:

    Education is the foundation of a child’s future always spend more time developing n preparing the child for the best version of themselves. Education can’t b bought

  66. Yusra says:

    With my husband as the main bread winner, our priority has always been to set aside for our children’s education as well as a bit extra for healthcare, so should anything happen to him (death, disability) we have a plan in place. Always make sure that you are saving at least 30% of your monthly income either in a separate savings plan, retirement plan or special education plan , or a little in each. The EduCator risk benefit is such a great solution, which makes it one less thing to worry about and more time to spend in the present moment with your children. Never take your health for granted nor your earnings which you may have today. While you should also make allowances for “entertainment or treats” this is also important to have balance but never live beyond your means…

  67. It’s petrifying how expensive schooling can be. The list of expenses just seems to keep racking up. It’s definitely a good idea to start saving as early as possible – and definitely to have a rainy day fund for just in case!

  68. Dawn Clarke says:

    I read this somewhere (so nit my words) but very sound advice)
    Start early
    Parents should start saving for their children’s education as soon as they possibly can. Many people do not consider, or are not aware of, the great advantages of compound interest, and how accumulated savings grow over several years when invested properly. By investing from an early age, parents will eliminate the financial worry of not having sufficient funds to give their children the best education possible, as the funds in their investment will grow every year.

    Automate savings
    The best way for parents to ensure they are regularly contributing towards their children’s education is to open a dedicated savings account and set up a monthly debit order. This way the parents will automatically save money every month towards this cause. However, they must have a strict rule in place to never withdraw any money from this account if it is not related to the child’s education.

    Explore ways to get discounts
    It is advisable to do some research and contact schools to find out whether they offer financial incentives that could result in long-term savings. Many schools offer a discount if the fees are paid as a once-off amount in advance. Some also offer a reduction when there is more than one child attending the school. These types of savings can make a big difference over an 18 year period.

    Include education funding in the financial plan
    It is important that parents include education funding in their overall financial plan. These expenses have to be accounted for as part of the monthly household expenses to determine how it will affect the family’s overall financial position. When it comes to developing financial plans, it is usually a good idea to consult a reputable financial planner who will be able to develop a solution for the client to ensure that they can have provided sufficiently for their children’s tuition fees and related education expenses.

    With the cost of education increasing every year, parents are faced with increased expenses for the privilege of sending their children to school. School fees are a big financial commitment, but with the right advice, families do not have to see this expense as a financial burden.

  69. Anthea Williams says:

    It’s never too late to start palnning or saving.
    I had to learn that the hard way when my son was in his second year of school.
    My company closed down, as a single Mom it hard trying to provide for my son while being unemployed.
    I was lucky enough to have a great family, that helped me during those times.

  70. Tanya says:

    We enrolled the day the applications opened (huge shortage of schools here). I applied to 4 schools, 3 were on the same level and one was my last choice. I was crying when the first 2 put me on a waiting list, while making peace he’ll go to my last choice. Thank God he got into the last one. We paid the deposit immediately.

    The following week I went and made a layby on all his “branded” clothes as we had to buy a compulsory box in a few months. November the box by which time the layby was done. And in January the shorts, shirts, etc when the specials started. Bought winter uniform in advance.

    He’s never played sports but he’s a great little cricket and hockey player, sport makes up a great deal of balanced school life and he loves it.

    We’ve been putting money away monthly since he started school for a rainy day and will be opening a unit trust account instead of a study plan as the returns are better. Looking at university fees now, even just registration I have to start saving.

  71. Research the schools in your area or the one you are interested well in advance. know when they open for registration because the popular schools fill up fast. I put my son into a pre-school that was a feeder school for my preferred primary school.

    In terms of money… Hahaha open that investment when you fall pregnant. I wish I had done that. I wanted to but never got around to it. It’s something I NEED to do this year and all the advice and pointers from Liberty is so helpful.

  72. JP Botha says:

    This really is a scary reality, saving for your children’s future. My kids are in primary school, one grade apart so they will both be studying at the same time after school. Thanks for this helpful insight, I need to start.

  73. Natalie says:

    I have found that putting money away in the year for school fees helps a lot then you can pay the annual fee and get a discount which amounts to one free month. It definitely makes a difference financially.

  74. nthabiseng says:

    Always start looking for schools a year before and enroll to avoid dissapointments,once you have done that then start buying stationary and uniform

  75. Nasrene Sheik says:

    I’ve started a savings account for my kids but it’s not enough for their education needs. When it comes to daily stuff for them I have a whiteboard with all their activities written down so that they can be well prepared for the week. They have set times to do their homework.

  76. Danielle says:

    I’m literally so obsessed with my child’s education that I enrolled to study a degree in education starting this year!

  77. Marindi Fourie says:

    We really need to plan as I have 3 kids.. one will be off to university in 4 years but I still have time with my other two. My boy just started gr R. I have found that if I make lists and put appointments into my calender then all goes well. I hope that liberty can help me start saving!

  78. Sofiah Motala says:

    An educational fund must be started from the time your babies are born, you will be so glad you did years later.

  79. Irfaan says:

    Plan for your child’s future, including how you going to save money, research schools, put children on waiting list all well in advance. also do not leave stationary and uniforms to the last minute as this causes excess stress.

  80. Romona says:

    Finally get to leave a comment…had some issues from the get go!

    Prep prep prep from mummy’s side to make sure everything runs smoothly especially if theres more than one kiddo!

  81. Anthea O'Neill says:

    My son was on a waiting list for my chosen preprimary school for three years! He eventually got in at age 4 when I gave birth to my daughter so they made place for her too. Fortunately there was a good primary school linked and they are now both attending big school. We were so blessed with uniforms for Summer, Winter and sports when friends moved overseas and supplied us with all of theirs! It saved us Thousands! Every year I mean to save up for the next year but every year the stationery, new shoes, etc hits our January budget quite hard!

  82. Chané Wolmarans says:

    I’ve stressed about school since before she as born, however life has given as some punches the last 2 years so saving for her future has not been possible. It is something that stresses me daily. And what if the school I choose doesn’t fit her way of learning… I’m hoping to start investing this year.

  83. Lynnith Andreou says:

    Hi there! Well, with 3 young boys in school, our journey has lots of learning curves! Definitely try and set some money aside every month to cover expenses at the end of the year for uniforms, stationary and extras which I advise you to do before the beginning of the next year. The crazy mad rush is awful! #LibertBack2School

  84. Lizelle Van Rooyen says:

    You dont realize how expensive schools are, until your little one starts… I opened a savings account for my son and every month I put some money away. Glad I did as I needed to dip into those funds for deposits.

  85. Amy Swartz says:

    Great tip to start buying the stationary before hand bit by bit because having to buy it all at once and having to buy school clothes can add up to a large amount.

    My youngest daughter has an education policy since she was born and shes only a year and 6 months old. So by the time she goes to school we can put her into a decent school and if we continue with it, we wont have to pay anything when she goes to Varsity one day.

  86. Angel markus says:

    My hubby and I opened an investment for him , we also have a bank account for him which we save all the change R10 notes etc and bank it at the end of the year into his account . We also ask people for money rather then Large gifts and that money goes into his investment for him .

  87. Ask to sit in one the class that your child will attend, before they begin in that class. You will be able to tell very quickly if the children are happy and interested in what’s happening. Sooooo important that the class is interesting to your child and that they want to attend and learn more!

  88. Preparation is key,Saving for such an important cause sounds like good planning for the future

  89. Thandie Phakati says:

    Speaking from experience, do not leave things for last minute. It may cost you very big! Look at myself for instance, because of inadequate planning and preparing my Twin boys are missing out on school at the moment. It’s so important to financially secure your children’s education to avoid my predicament. So no finances, no school admission like why do you do then? Now I’m smacking myself as I struggle to home school the twins after a long day at work although some days it’s so much fun. I cannot even blame being a single mum because I should have started with basics like planning. I will sort this out somehow but for now I am going to be planning and preparing every step of the way.

  90. Tamara says:

    We enrolled put first daughter at the school we wanted her to go to when she was only 6 months old. It was a huge deposit which caused a financial stress but now she’s in grade 1 and just so very happy. Best decision ever!

  91. Alison says:

    I for one am stunned at the costs involved in things these days. I went to a government school, after school activities were mostly free, and all I had to worry about was whether my tuck money would stretch to a steri stumpie AND a packet of simba.
    My little one is going to preprimary next year (the cost of which is already giving me palpitations), but I opened an account for her, the month she was born, and each month, we have a debit order that goes
    Into the account, and family puts in a little money for her birthday/Christmas. She won’t get it till she turns 18, and it will ONLY be for her university fees, but as least I know (having put myself through university), that at least that part is taken care off.

  92. Sharissa says:

    So know what you mean. Started saving for their education already but still feel as if I’m behind because of the rising cost of everything as well as the extra mural activities.

  93. Kerry Jade West says:

    I absolutely love the idea of the Liberty Education Builder! I am expecting my first child next month and hubby and I have already been talking about preschools. I hope and aspire to be one of those organised mommies, LOL, but I have a feeling that will change once my baby boy arrives! You really struck such a chord in me when you wrote about not having saved up any money towards your child’s education as you thought there would be plenty of time. This is where the Liberty Education Builder plan comes in and what a fabulous initiative! Thank you so much for posting this, you have really made me think and I am definitely going to look into opening a Liberty Education Builder, as it is never to early to start saving, especially with all the costs on the rise! <3

  94. Ntwanano says:

    I love liberty education builder interesting soon I will start investigating for my daughter

  95. We started saving for our boys education when they were born. We have gone through tight times where we have had to cut down our contributions each month but we do as much as we can and will increase as we can. Education is one of the most important gifts we can give our children.

  96. Carol Jewell says:

    School fees and living expenses are very high, and I try and save where I can. Have read through the Liberty education builder, very interesting.

  97. Michele says:

    Shew schooling is tricky, we had to find a school we could afford… My advice is apply to all the schools that could be suitable and hope for the best, don’t get your heart set on just one

  98. natasha says:

    we couldnt decide on what school to but our son in so we decided to go look at a few enter him ion then at least if he gets accepted we have a choice as if we do one school and theres now space its too late to enter him somewhere els so get them signed in go look at school so you can get the feel of the school an prep prep prep. emotional day but best proud day ever #Sponsored

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