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Glampalm curling wand & Styling with Kevin Murphy Free Hold

This golden summer hair look is easy to achieve using a few great Kevin Murphy Products and The Glampalm  Curling wand (magic wand).

Glampalm Magic wand.jpg

I have done reviews before on the Kevin Murphy shimmer shine spray, It is a golden shine spray for hair that strengthens and repairs hair while giving it fantastic shine. I have paired this spray with the Kevin Murphy Shimmer Color bug , this is a non permanent hair color that rubs on easy and washes out. The shimmer bug shines golden goodness!! It is truly beautiful. Also a little trick I have learnt with the Shimmer bug is that it doubles up well as a skin bronzer and even an eye shadow!!!

Kevin Murphy Free Hold.jpg

With this you obviously need a product to hold your style when using the Glampalm curling wand and also to help give the Color bug something to stick to when rubbed onto hair. I have been playing around with the New Kevin Murphy Free Hold styling creme. The Free Hold Is a new product launched with the new Kevin Murphy men’s range, I  obviously needed to test it out. It gives hair a great medium hold while still looking natural, feeling soft and giving an amazing glossy shine to hair.

Free Hold.jpg

So down to the simple basics of how to get this look going..

  1. Gather your products and switch on your curling wand
  2. Divide your hair into sections by pinning the top up and starting at the bottom.
  3. Use a small amount of the Free Hold and rub it between the palms of your hands and then smooth/ massage it into a section of hair. Seriously the smallest amount is good enough, u don’t need to over do it.
  4. Use your color bug and rub it in firm stokes from top to bottom over the strand of hair. I divided my section into pieces big enough to curl and then color bugged the pieces one by one as it works better on smaller sections.
  5. Use your curling wand to curl the hair or just add waves.
  6. After you have worked your way through all your hair you can finish it off by spraying a good amount of Shimmer shine spray on.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

It is actually so easy to do and the results are beautiful, I struggled to catch the exact shimmer of the hair on camera once it was done, but in the light it shines like gold!! I feel like this is great for a summer party look, beach party, new years dress up.It is an Impressive hair look that you can do yourself at home. The golden look on my dark brown hair gives it a nice golden brown/highlighted appearance with intense shimmer. Like I said, I struggled to capture on camera but imagine that hand swatch but on hair. With a brilliant glossy shine from the Free Hold.

Kevin Murphy free hold curls.jpg

I will have more Info and a nice review of the Free Hold going up on the blog soon as well as the details on the other New Kevin Murphy Men’s products launched now cause I think they would be good for Christmas presents for the men in your life! I know my hubby has taken too much of a liking to my KM shampoo lol, I have to hide it away from him!!!

Remember I shop for all my Kevin Murphy and hair care products on the Test Box site , And they are having a special for December where you get a free test box with all orders! So go shop!


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  1. Bianca Balutto says:

    Wow your hair looks so pretty

    1. Thanx! I cant stress how awesome the Kevin Murphy products are!

  2. Amazing!! Where can I get these products?

    1. Thank you sweetie!

  3. One million dollar hair! I like :)

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