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Golden Sugar Ultra Blush and Contour Palette from Makeup Revolution.

Since it has now been over a month since my Makeup Revolution order landed in SA and i have now had some time to dig into the items i bought and drool over them enough to know how i feel about them. Here is the first and probably my Favorite of all the products ill be doing reviews on. The Stunning Golden sugar ultra blush and contour palette

Makeup Revolution Golden sugar blush palette
Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar palette

I have probably dug into this one every day since i got it, i just cant help it! Its so beautiful and has so many different colors to choose from and play with, the looks you can pull of with this one are really grand. The golden glowing colors range from a white highlight , a rosy pink and a peachy pink as well as brown bronze glows! you can do anything with this one, a subtle blushed cheek to a highlighted look as well as contouring! Basically its an all in one and leaves skin glowing.

Golden Sugar Blush Palette
Makeup Revolution golden sugar palette

I Purchased it online off of the Makeup Revolution store site, these products are from the UK so you have to have them shipped here and it takes like 6 weeks to arrive so its a bit frustrating but hell yes its way worth it! Plus it all works out to a bargain , its actually cheap to order if u look at what your getting and the price we pay for things here in SA anyways. This Blush Palette costs about R118 depending on the currency conversion at the time. BARGAIN!!!! seriously lol

Real Techniques Blush brush
Golden sugar blush palette and real techniques blush brush

The quality of the shades are amazing for the price, when i first got it i was too scared to touch it for fear of ruining the look before i got to take blog pics, i remember telling someone im sure the beautiful marbled look would rub off the top… but hay a month later and it still looks as fantastic! so here are some swatches ….

Ultra Blush and contour golden sugar palette

makeup revolution golden sugar blush palette swatches
Makeup Revolution golden sugar blush swatches

If you have been searching for a all in one blush and bronze contour palette then i would suggest getting this one instead of going out to buy a few separate products. The effect lasts long on skin and if you want a all day glowing look you can use the Makeup Revolution makeup setting spray to make sure your blush and contour stays in place. I am so beyond in Love with this Palette!

glowing blush look


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  1. This palette looks gorgeous — looks amazing on you as well! hope you have a chance to check out my blog sometime!

  2. skindiary000 says:

    The colors are beautiful, you are too! ❤️

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