How to be Vegan – Part 1

I get loads of questions from people asking me how I managed to make the switch to attempting to be Vegan (I say attempting because I am still perfecting it and fall off the wagon every now and then). So here is a little info on how I started it and the first few changes I made in regards to what I eat.

My reason for choosing to eat Vegan started purely with my analyzing everything I ate in an attempt to be healthier, I had already been staying away from sugar and gluten and then realized that meat and dairy were also making me feel not so fresh and healthy. If you really read food labels, I mean REALLY read them, you soon start discovering how much kak is added into everything. Almost everything has an animal related ingredient like eggs and milk and then on top of that there are added chemicals.

I started thinking about foods that came straight from the earth, I mean truly natural foods and ingredients, plant based!

How to Vegan- First things first

Step one for me was cutting out meat and eggs, this induces fish. I was also cutting out gluten which made it more difficult but I had already mastered that part. I started eating lots of salad and vegetable stir fry for breakfast. Things like broccoli, mushroom, seeds, butternut, baby-marrow , carrots, nuts and cauliflower. I just chop it up and fry it in a little coconut oil with some soy sauce and herbs or spices. I ate potatoes for once in my life without caring that it is a carb!!!! Who new you could eat carbs and that gluten was actually the real issue.

This was just the start but already I was feeling like a new person, my stomach stopped being constantly bloated and was more regular with toilet visits. I had more energy and felt light and refreshed after eating instead of the yuk, saturated and heavy feeling I used to get with meats and gluten meals.

I was less moody, I lost lots of weight even tho that was not the goal, I discovered ingredients and recipes that I loved. I obviously started cooking more vegetables with meals and this meant that my kids and husband were also eating more veg, even tho my hubby was still having meat.


Replacements- What to eat when you are not eating meat… 

A good website to make friends with is Faithful To Nature, they have thousands of Vegan options to make your life easier. Here are a few basic things I replaced and what I replaced them with. They are linked to where you can purchase.

  1. MILK- Was replaced with Almond milk 
  2. Protein shake was replaced with the Wazoogles shakes
  3. Meat products if I craved, are replaced with the Fry’s Family products , They are amazing and honestly make the perfect replacement. They have mince, burgers, sausages and more….
  4. Cereals and porridge replaced with Gluten free Oats and Sorghum meal (basically Malta bella)
  5. Mayo was replaced with an egg free Mayonnaise (Think guilt free potato salad!!)
  6. Pasta is replaced with a vegan gluten free Pasta option .


This is just the start, The above few products already made the vegan eating super easy and the important part is to just load up on veg, nuts, seeds and eat a good meal. I eat a large place of roast veg in the evening and can be hungry again just before bed and then I will snack on nuts or an apple or something.

I am not going to over load you with info today so I will save more for the next post in this series. If you have any questions or need suggestions on replacement products then pop me a message or a comment and I am more than happy to chat.

Remember this is not an easy chance if you have been eating eat meat, eggs and dairy your whole life. It will take a while and doesn’t have to be perfect. It is taking the first little step that is important.




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  1. Wendalyn says:

    Your carb over gluten statement really stands out for me and i have been thinking of trying to incorporate a vegan diet at least two to three times a week just as a way to control my weight and who knows I might eventually go all the way and completely change my diet

    1. Melissa says:

      Yes the carb vs gluten thing has been a real eye opening. It is more the processed carbs that contain gluten that are the real problem, gluten is essentially a “glue” it binds the ingredients and gives structure. but the problem with that is that it then makes these “glued together” foods very hard for your body to process. did you know that gluten stays in your system for up to 3 months. Try natural carbs such as potatoes and rice, or even a gluten free pasta that is made from corn flour or rice. I also started slowly with going vegan, give it a try.

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