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I am a stressed out mommy and here is my relaxation secret!

I am a Tired and Grumpy mommy….

I gave birth a month ago and my body is still trying to “find its self” again, with this I am also breast feeding my super cute little baby and this seems to be leading to my poor back being annoyingly sore!  There is nothing worse than feeling exhausted, stressed, frustrated and having a sore back. I count every second till my husband eventually comes home so that I can take a HOT bath and try feel better. But the thing is, a plain old hot bath just is not enough, it is sad but true! My bath needs an extra boost to get me feeling some what like super mom again so that I can get back to breastfeeding, cleaning, cooking, looking after a toddler, working and running a blog! For this I need a super amazing product, and for me that is the Mio Liquid Yoga!

Mio Liquid Yoga restorative bath soak

The Mio skincare Liquid Yoga bath soak is probably the best bath product ever! Its basically like a holiday in a bottle.. a massage in a bottle.. Like pressing the reset button on your stress and sore muscles and unwinding completely!

Mio skincare South Africa

 How it works…

The Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga dissolves away stress and aches in just one bath. You will be hooked from the first time you try it. This restorative bath soak is non-foaming and milky and contains a blend of essential oils as well as an extravagant dose of mineral salts and a touch of therapeutic herbs. These are the magic ingredients that will dissolve away all your problems!

This amazing product helps fight muscle fatigue, it relaxes tight, stressed shoulders and soothes aching bodies. It also detoxifies and re-energizes while the scent uses its aroma therapy powers to relax you. What more could you want from bath time? You really get out the bath feeling like you have just had a massage.

This product is also free from nasty ingredients like Parabens, synthetic fragrances and colorants, Sodium Lauryl and Laureth Sulphate.  And is also not tested on Animals. Retails for R725, Worth every cent and worth saving up for as a special treat, or you can bribe hubby to buy it and tell him he then doesn’t have to massage you ;)

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Combine it with the Double Buff!!

The Mio Skincare Double buff is a duel action enzyme exfoliator. It is packed with powerful fruit enzymes to instantly transform rough, dull skin into one that’s soft, smooth, radiant and dewy. This combined with the Liquid Yoga will give you hydrated glowing skin! This amazing exfoliator retails for R625, I know the price seems high but you get good use out of it and it is high end skincare that you get real results from.


For more information, a stockist near you or to order directly from Poise Brands, please visit or contact Poise Brands on +27 11 033 0500.




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