Joico Hair Shake Review and hair look

Joico has come up with a fantastic new product called Joico hair Shake, it is used to add amazing texture and volume to hair. I have had this sitting on my beauty desk for a while now and have been playing with it to get the hang of using it and see what its all about.

Joico Hair Shake

The Joico Hair Shake is a Liquid to Powder finishing texturizer that adds life to hair by giving it great texture with lift and volume. Think luscious sexy big summer hair!! Hair with playful life! A great way to bring out layers and create sexy wavy hair with lasting volume that is still soft to the touch and non sticky. It can be used on all hair types and it super flash dries once it hits hair so there is no waiting for it to dry making it perfect for even the rushed mornings! The product also helps hold a style in place.

Hair Shake

The Product comes in a beautiful black to grey fade bottle with a spray nozzle. It sprays out a clear fine liquid mist that quickly dries to a powder finish that is not visible and non sticky so you do not see or really feel the product on your hair. I have dark hair so I would have noticed quickly if I saw any powder residue on hair so that’s a fantastic feature!  The Joico Hair Shake also smells amazing, like a stunning floral perfume! It also has Joico’s Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex, designed exclusively to help repair and protect against future damage.


The Joico Hair Shake sells for R380 for a 150ml bottle and you can purchase it from The Test Box site. I can see me getting a very good amount of uses out of it cause it doesn’t take a lot of product to get the effect right.

Ok So think easy use = Shake well , spray spray spray and then scrunch and tease hair into the style you want. I like to lift up the top section of hair and get into the bottom areas to really get the volume going. Another great and easy way to style is doing a side braid with damp hair and then drying your hair with the hair dryer while its still in the braid and once its all dry you spray on the Joico hair shake and then dry it a tad bit more with the dryer to set. Then undo the braid and spray the hair shake onto hair and scrunch it to add texture and volume to the waves and then I just use my ghd to straighten and tidy my fringe. See pics below on step by step and the after result :)

how to use hair shake

Joico Hair Shake.

You can also undo the braid and then do your thing with hair shake and then braid it again for a beautiful volumized messy braid. These looks are perfect for summer beach days!!  Head over to The Test Box site and shop for your bottle of Joico Hair shake!!

How to use Joico hair shake

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