Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Dry oil Spray {Review }

I am a huge Joico Fan, the products have really helped repair my hair so it can get back to looking its best! I know I also use other brands shampoos and stuff but the Joico is my favorite when it comes to fixing my hair if I need a product that is good for repair. I firmly believe everyone should own a few different sets of shampoo and conditioner and use them according to the needs you have when you wash your hair, like use a range for volume on days you need volume. So when I need my hair to be fixed or a deep repair treatment I run straight for my Joico K-Pak range!

Joico Dry Oil Spray

It was my Birthday the other week and on Monday I got a beautiful present from Joico SA , The New Joico Dry oil spray and a lovely Joico products book with a sweet birthday message written inside (That i now have standing on the shelf by my dressing table cause I am a sucker for cute little cards and messages).

Joico k-pak dry oil spray
Joico K-pak dry oils spray

This new Joico K-pak dry oil spray fits right in with my other K-Pak items and it actually came at a perfect time if you read my last post about my latest hair adventures. The spray is designed to give hair a fantastic moisturized shine and silky texture as well as tame fly away ends and protect your color! I Need all of those things and I normally use like a silicone serum to finish off my look after blow drying cause it just makes it perfect and smooth. I am slightly addicted to a smooth finish, I am very unhappy if my hair doesn’t feel or look right after washing so I always use some kind of finishing product. The big problem with some of these products is they are too oily and heavy on hair and I have a few times had my hair looking dirty and too oily from applying certain finishing products and have ended up having to wash hair again.  Now this new Joico spray is just the Bomb when it comes to perfect shiny, smooth, beautiful hair. It does not at all make your hair heavy or oily , it just comes out in a perfect fine mist that falls lightly on hair and leaves it looking very healthy! It also helps alot for frizz and static, just smooths it all nicely into place!

The Golden look & sleek packaging of the Dry oil spray is classy as usual and looks lovely standing on my dressing table and the bottle isn’t heavy so its perfect to travel with or even carry in your hand bag if you need it to tag along. It also has a Fantastic list of ingredients such as natural oils of Sunflower and Jojoba. And contains Joico’s Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex and QuadraBond technology that seals hair’s outer layer, creating a protective shield against color-fade and moisture-loss.

Joico K-pak dry oil spray

I can totally recommend it, it works very well and is so convenient that it sprays straight onto hair in a fine mist and I don’t have to then rub product in with my hand and then go wash my hands again.

You can buy this amazing Product from The Test Box for R395  (click that little link and it will take you straight to it, shopping made easy hehe)  Oh And The Test Box has Free delivery From the 25th June till the 2nd July 2015, you can use the offer code #Lovelylocks . So I would totally get at that shopping if I were you (I already have lol)


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  1. sandy pienaar says:

    Lucky you!! Your hair looks great! ! Love reading your posts :)

    1. Thanx my best love!!! Your hair looks amazing too :)

  2. awesome and informative review and ur hair just looks so beautiful

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