Keune So Pure – August Test Box Hair Happiness!

I am always very happy to get my monthly Test Box Review in, I know to trust The Test Box to fill our monthly box with products that will satisfy our hair! No matter what your hair type It is always nice to try out different products, Products that we would not necessarily go out and buy our selves. Maybe cause the price is too high to take a change on or simply cause we are not sure if it is going to work on our hair. Being subscribed to The Test Box has brought so many fantastic products my way and spoilt me so much with Fabulous hair care!

Keune So Pure

This Month we get to play with the Keune So Pure Shampoo and Conditioner :)  My first thoughts on the box when opening it were that the bottles are very pretty, a natural looking green bottle with pretty silver writing. I Absolutely LOVE the Pink ghd clip that came in this months box! These lovely ghd clips are so handy when styling or blow drying hair and I wish I had like 10 pink ones cause its just so pretty. Secondly I noticed that the range is sulfate free so that is a huge up side for me as I only use shampoo that is sulfate free, This means I can use this product without stressing about it washing out my color or Brazilian treatment.

Keune so pure shampoo and conditioner
Keune so pure shampoo and conditioner

The Keune So Pure Shampoo restores and regulates the natural hydration and strength to the hair and scalp Leaving the hair moisturized, shiny and soft! Infused with ylang-ylang, Argan and palmarosa oils to nourish hair. Plus OMG the smell is just amazing , Its like 2 in 1 aromatherapy and hair care! I have tested it out 3 times now and I can say that it is wonderful! It cleans hair well without drying it and leaves it silky and smelling amazing.

Keune So Pure Shampoo and conditioner
Keune so Pure

The Keune So Pure Conditioner is a thick creamy conditioner that hydrates dry and damaged hair, Strengthening hair and leaving it soft and shiny. With Ingredients that work for hair, The hydrating effects of Palmarosa oil reconstruct the damaged hair and detangles, Shea butter adds shine and hydration while Argan oil gives hair and scalp added strength. This is a very pleasant product to use, it smells heavenly and is perfect for long Sunday afternoon baths when you can leave the conditioner to soak on hair for a few minutes while enjoying the relaxing smell of the products. Left my hair shiny, moisturized and looking healthy. I am very satisfied with the results i got from these products

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