Kevin Murphy Angel Masque, Wash and Rinse

The Kevin Murphy Angel Masque, Wash and Rinse is just like totally heavenly , no wonder they called it Angel. Its Pink and girly and pretty and it smells like pink candy sweets! I Find the one thing that really attracts me to KM products is the smell of them, its like aromatherapy while you wash your hair. Its so nice on a Sunday to chill out and relax with the Angel masque on your hair and the smell just transports you to a relaxing place! The Masque costs R500 and i was lucky to get a special where i got a free 100ml Angel wash and rinse with it so Score!

Kevin murphy angel masque, wash and rinse
Kevin Murphy Angel masque

The Angel Masque is a repairing and thickening conditioning treatment for fine, dry or colored hair. Contains Quinoa Proteins, tripeptides, Lotus Flower and Bamboo extracts! It is also sulfate, Paraben and cruelty free like ALL the KM Products are :) It Promotes Hair growth while repairing hair , reducing breakage and restoring moisture! I think that covers a lot of categories as far as my hair needs go!  Apply it to clean hair and Relax while you enjoy the smell of this amazing hair masque, the smell is relaxing and it feels great to massage into hair. Leave it on hair for at least 15 to 20min and rinse. I like to apply it on Sundays and chill for like an hour with it on so i get a super good treatment.  It truly does live up to its promises, left my hair feeling thick and healthy with a great shine to it and the lovely smell lingers on hair for a long time.

Kevin Murphy Angel wash
Kevin Murphy Angel range

The Angel Wash is super gentle on hair and can be used on fragile fine hair or hair that is damaged from bleaching, coloring or chemical straightening. it cleans hair while being gentle enough not to strip nutrients or color from the hair. This is great for me cause i have chemically straightened hair and to maximize the length of my straightening treatment it is ideal to use a shampoo like this. Leaves hair feeling clean without it being dry and hard to manage.

Kevin Murphy Angel masque, wash and rinse
Kevin Murphy Masque wash and rinse

Angel Rinse is a fantastic Conditioner and just like the rest of the range it smells grand and feels amazing on hair, delivers great results! its a weightless volumising conditioner to increase cellular re-growth of the hair and scalp. Moisturizes and protects fine, dry and colored hair without weighing it down. If you have colored hair and are looking for soft ,smooth, shiny healthy hair then this if for you!

Big thumbs up from me for these! if you are looking to invest in a good hair Range then you should definitely look at the Kevin Murphy Products, i know the price tag looks scary but once you have tried it you can honestly understand why and its gonna be hard to look back. Head over to The Test Box Site and browse through the range,The pay via debit order option makes it possible for everyone to afford it.


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  1. BarbieBeautySA says:

    Ooooohhhh… Would definitely want to try this on my bleached hair, think it would have great results

  2. mmm I am going to add this to our list. My daughter has long really curly hair and we are always looking for hair products to help her manage it easier.

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