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Kevin Murphy Free Hold – Review

Here is a handy little hair product that the men have been trying to keep to them selves! I have been playing around with the Kevin Murphy Free Hold for a while now and you would have previously seen it in my Glampalm post where I used it to create the most glossy curls.

Kevin Murphy Free Hols

The basics of this product is that it allows you to have a medium hold on your style while at the same time still having free flowing movement. So you can define your style whether it being smooth, curly, wavy or textured and then still have freedom and natural movement.

Kevin Murphy Free Hold paste


You can style on wet or dry hair with the Kevin Murphy Free Hold, It takes only a small amount of product to give the desired effect. You simply rub it in between your hands and massage into hair and style. When I want to do curls then I rub it into wet hair before drying and then style with my curling wand, you can touch up with small amounts here and there when you need a bit of extra hold.

I also like to use it on dry hair during the week to change up my style, It works wonders when paired with a few bobby pins for a sleek to the side look and is also a life saver on days that my hair is slightly dirty and I want a neat high ponytail without all the fly away ends, It neatly helps smooth over the hair and tuck away those nasty fly away ends.

Kevin Murphy Free Hold Styling


You can click HERE to go check out how to do a curly style using the Kevin Murphy Free Hold.

You can shop for Kevin Murphy free hold here: , It retails for R440  which seems pricey but considering how long it will last its actually a bargain, plus your husbands and boyfriends can also use it. Get them to buy it then you use it ;)

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