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Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me – My hair’s best friend

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Today I am telling you about the Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me wash and rinse. Basically my hairs new best friend! A product that is beautiful inside and out. If you have not yet tried any Kevin Murphy products then I strongly suggest you do! It is totally life changing for how you will look at hair care. Luxury like never before! These stunning products are available to buy from The Test Box site.

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If your hair is dry / damaged and needs moisture, shine and softness then this is the product for you. If you are like me and and have gone from product to product searching for one that really gives moisture and takes away that hard dry feeling that thick coarse hair can have then you should go straight out and buy some of this! The Kevin Murphy Hydrate me range gives moisture to hair from the first wash and smooths it out fantastically. This means less frizz and smoothed over split ends making them loads less visible so that the overall appearance of hair is healthier and glowing!

Kevin Murphy hydrate me rinse.jpg


You can feel even the wash (shampoo) nourishes and hydrates your hair, It is also sulphate and paraben free and takes only a small amount of product to do the job properly so you are getting a good long use out of it making it more value for your money. The Hydrate me Rinse (conditioner) is thick and creamy and beyond a pleasure to rub into hair, It leaves hair feeling completely moisturized while adding shine and softness as well as smoothing out frizz incredibly! I also have to just brag about how amazing these products smell, it is like aromatherapy while you wash your hair, I have never had a hair care range that smells so totally amazing!!!!

Kevin Murphy Cruelty free.jpg

All Kevin Murphy products are also cruelty free and are designed in a way that the beautiful packaging in environmentally friendly. I don’t think you need any more reasons to go out and buy these? You Seriously just cant go wrong. The Hydrate me wash sells for R370 and The Hydrate me Rinse is R380 and you can click HERE to buy them online from The Test Box.


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  1. nicolethastylist says:

    Loveee kevin muphy I use young again that is my favorite

    1. I am totally obsessed with KM, There actually isnt a KM product i dont like lol. The Young again range is also to die for. so is the plumping range, the smell is heavenly!

  2. Sandy Pienaar says:

    Love the treatment you did on my hair, by far the best ive ever had!

  3. Sandy Pienaar says:

    Love that KM hair treatment you did for me! I have never felt such nice result before!

    1. So glad you liked it! I am seriously addicted to KM!!

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