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My car wasn’t insured, But King Price came to the rescue!

Did you know that King Price has premiums that decrease every month?

My take on car insurance has never been much, I drive a very (…very) old car that isn’t really worth much at all and is on my husbands name. Now my dearest stubborn husband does not even have insurance on my car, I don’t know if he thinks my car is not worth insuring or that compared to my car’s worth the insurance is not affordable but at the end of the day my little car is not insured!

My car is not much of a car but it is the only car I have so to my rescue is King Price Insurance, Helping wives convince their stubborn husbands that great insurance is affordable.
Because life happens and with super cheap car insurance that decreases every month it should be no problem convincing anyone that insurance is needed and actually affordable.


Yes you heard me right, the premiums DECREASE, because your car’s value decreases every month that you own it so why should your insurance not match this and decrease as well.

I absolutely love how easy it is to get a quote from King Price, If you are like me and hate telephone conversations and would much rather not deal with phoning for a quote, then you will be pleased to know you can get one that is perfect for you in like 5 minutes on their website!!

I went onto the King Price website to check it all out, I clicked on the online quote tab and It was super easy. I filled in a few basic details that I knew out of my head and they even give you the option to add your portable possessions (clothing, jewelry, laptops, photographic equipment and travel luggage) as well as set your excess amount to see how it effects your price.


I love that they also offer insurance for your house hold belongings and your portable possessions because being a blogger and all, I am always carrying my phone and camera around with me and I promise you I have learnt the hard way to insure these items because my phones have died a terrible death a few times and I have had people help them selves to my cameras before (unless my camera grew legs and walked off on its own) So it is best to have my precious items insured.

With King price I can have all my insurance with the same company that is affordable and easy to manage. Combining my car, phone and camera in one insurance quote was beyond easy.


So a big thank you to King Price for helping me convince my husband that we can and will insure my precious little car and girly belongings!

You can head to the King Price website to have a look if you can save on your Car insurance and stop stressing about your premiums going up and start enjoying them going down.





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  1. Vanessa says:

    Awesome Way of Insuring, with premiums decrease ad your car’s value does!

  2. Samuel Nakedi says:

    When days were dark…KP came to my rescue….Some car manufacturer and car tracker had messed up and KP intervened after I was involved in an accident.

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