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Lancome Advanced Genifique – The Results!

I have been blogging over on Beauty Bulletin for the past 4 weeks doing the Lancome Advanced Genifique serum trials. I have been posting weekly updates of the use of the product and the results achieved. Here below are my final thoughts of what I thought of the serum as well as the before and after picture from the 4 week trial. I can really see a nice result!

Lancome Advanced Genifique results

I have been using the Lancome Advanced Genifique serum twice a day over 4 weeks. I find the serum to be fabulous! It instantly makes my skin feel smooth and plump and I could see the difference as time went by. The product has a stunning little bottle and looks very classy as it should. It has a handy dropper and button to load and dispense the correct amount of serum or tho I find the serum to be so concentrated that I use even less of it than a full button push.

Lancome Advanced Genifique

Here above you can see the first photo I took in the trial and then the one I took this morning 4 weeks later. The photos are both taken in the same lighting and place, with no makeup on and are not in any way edited so you can see the true difference. You see when you are a blogger you have to get over this whole no makeup selfie thing lol.

Now lets take a look at the comparison and results. For me the big thing that changed is on my cheek area and nose where I had a lot of uneven skin tone and pigmentation, this has dramatically faded away! My face and skin tone appears overall more even and bright and I definitely look a bit younger and more energized. My forehead is also smoother and pores are less visible.  The physical feeling of my skin is much more smoother to the touch, its amazing to touch my face and have my skin feel so plump and smooth.

South African beauty blogger

This little magic bottle really goes a long way and in my opinion is worth its price in every way! From the packaging, the feel and look of the bottle to the results that it gives. It is all pretty fabulous.

I can highly recommend this product and honestly say that you will not be sorry if you invested in it. The Lancome Advanced Genifique is available at all Lancome counters at your local Edgars store and sells for R780 for a 30ml.


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