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Lancome Advanced Genifique – Week 2 Results!!!

I Can hardly wait to get this post up because the results on my skin this week when using the Lancome Genifique are amazing!! I am starting to feel like a new person and would even dare to walk around without foundation on!! That is how amazing this product is. I am litrally glowing a brand new me!

Genifique results

I am on week two now of the Beauty Bulletin Lancome Advanced Genifique review club and I have for two weeks now been applying the product twice daily to my face, one drop in the morning and one in the evening. I have not felt the need to use any other moisturizer in combination with it and have just been washing my face with my usual clinique face soap bar and then applying the Lancome serum. I have for the sake of the trial not used anything else on my face like my clinique toner and stuff cause I would really like to see exactly what the results the Lancome will give me. Ok so basically two weeks now my skin care routine has been washing with the clinique face soap and then applying the Lancome And I also scrubbed my face once a week with a scrub. So the Results you see in my before and after photos for the week are basically truly from the Genifique.

Lancome Genifique results

I am still feeling very impressed with the actual bottle and packaging, I totally love the press button self loading dropper, it is just like beyond handy and just adds an extra touch of fancy to it all! I feel like this is a product you can fall in love with, one of those once in a lifetime finds that you will keep buying so it becomes a staple product in your routine. When I first looked at the price of the product I thought ag lord another expensive I cant afford to buy it again serum, But in all honesty this will be one of those products I will Definitely buy again regardless of the price tag! It sells for R780 for a 30ml and R999 for a 50ml and you can purchase it and have it delivered to your door from this link: Lancome Pop up Shop  I would definitely recommend that you make this Serum your next facial item purchase!!

Lancome Genifique ..

Ok So Here below is last weeks photo and then now this weeks new after photo so you can see the difference. I have noticed a massive difference in the feeling of my skin, my skin feels smooth to the touch and soft and plump. My skin tone is lighter and brighter, the color of my skin is literally brighter :) Totally glowing right now! My age signs (wrinkles,fine lines) are faded/ less visible. The dark spots and marks left by pimples have dramatically faded and are definitely less visible. I have also not had a brake out since starting the trial so that is good news. Have a look at the before and after pics and tell me what you think, do you see an improved difference? I tried to take my pic in the same place in my room with the same light and obviously no makeup hehe

Week 2 before and after.

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