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Lancome Genifique Review week 4 Results

So its my Last week of the Beauty Bulletin Lancome Genifique Review update and wow what a fantastic month it has been! I have loved every day of using the product and it has made such a big difference on my skin, It has really been so refreshing to use a facial serum that lives up to its promises. If you are interested in getting some for your self then you can buy online at this link: Shop Lancome 

Genifique results

The last week I have found that the results have stabilized, I haven’t noticed any large differences like I did the first two weeks but this is normal for any product. My skin is still looking fantastic and my skin tone is better than ever and my age spots and dark marks are fading wonderfully. The one thing I can say I have noticed this week is that my forehead seems more smoothed out, less uneven and pores and lines seen much much better. My overall thoughts on the Lancome Genifique is that it is fantastic! I can really recommend to anyone that is looking for a fantastic facial serum that actually does its job well to then buy this one. The bottle also lasts long, I am now starting week 5 of using it and I think by looking in the bottle I can still get another week or two out of using it if i stick to the one drop in the morning and evening.

Lancome Genifique

I would definitely hands down repurchase this product and I think if you did a good few months of continuous use of it then the results and improvements on your skin would be totally amazing, remember that you should do a few months on a product so it has time to work its magic properly and you can see better results. So if you find something that really works with your skin then go ahead and buy it again so it can carry on working wonders.

Lancome Advanced Genifique week 4

So here above is my week 3 and week 4 results to compare, this mornings photo was me literally just out of the shower and had a bit of bad light so its a bit blurry but you get the point :)  I am happy that I don’t have any visible dark marks or marks from acne so that is a huge improvement that the Lancome made, I had a mark or two on my cheek area when I started this trial.  My skin is also smoother than it has ever been without me even putting in any effort to scrub and sort it out. This Lancome Genifique serum is really a low maintenance way of keeping your skin looking grand and its best!

A Big thanx to Beauty Bulletin for choosing me for this trial and Obviously thanx to Lancome :) If you are interested in being chosen to test out lovely beauty products for free then you should definitely join the Beauty Bulletin community!

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