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Lancome Nutrix royal body lotion

I am such a Happy beyond and very lucky girl to have received this awesome Gift from Dave Lackie in Canada! And the Beautiful card that came with it (im gonna frame it haha) so here is my little write up and review of the Awesome Lancome products I received and some pictures I took of the makeup.

Lancome nutrix royal body lotion

I have to start firstly with the amazing travel shadow palette I got that is all my favorite shades for a shimmer,brown, smokey look. Love it! I play with a lot of eye shadow and its actually amazing how when you get a really good quality eye shadow how you can notice the difference straight away!! You don’t have to rub at it intensely with your brush to get enough on the brush for it to apply, you just gently touch the shadow with the brush and it applies perfectly in the right shade that is the same as what it looks on the palette so what you see is what you get , no wasting and over applying to get the color right! and the shimmer is pretty! Eye shadow luxury at its best and the colors can be paired nice with different color liners and used on there own and also combined for a smokey look.


And Next is the Absolutely Amazing (my new favorite lipstick) The Lancome Shine Lover Lipstick. It is like lipstick heaven, like a combination of lipstick, gloss and a lip moisturizer! its so nice and the color is great with the shine it gives. I have gotten so many compliments from wearing it and I take it everywhere with me now. and the lovely white packaging with its silver detail is so classy and classic. Can not go wrong at all with this one. A must have buy if you have not already tried it! It feels so good that its addictive and i just wanna apply it all day lol

Lancome shine lovers lipstick reveiw

Next item I got is the Lancome Nutrix royal body lotion for dry skin. Best lotion iv ever owned. In the hydration department it just rocks, You do not need a lot of it to cover a big area of skin and it soaks in well so its not sticky and it leaves skin feeling perfectly moisturized! Its a luxurious feeling lotion, something you really wanna use after a special bath or evening cause it just makes you feel great! And its got such a lovely subtle smell that is soothing to me! This is the perfect item to have now that we are going into winter and i feel very confident that when summer comes again my skin will be looking grand! I havent been able to find this product here by me in George South Africa so i am gonna go slow on this baby. I also love its cream colored tube with pretty writing and gold cap, you guys know I am a sucker for pretty things to stand on my dressing table!!

Lancome south africa

With all these lovely items I also got a sample size Lancome Bi-Facil Double action eye makeup remover. It is a two phase one so you shake it to activate and then use.  It makes removing all my beautiful makeup a breeze!! so easy, just wipes off and its got a lovely scent. I am a big believer in eye makeup remover in the evenings before washing my face just to make sure I get all the dirt and leftovers of the day off! having traces of makeup still on your face when u go to sleep can effect how your skin and eyes look the next day.


Here are a few Pics I took this morning after applying the Lancome products




So overall im very impressed with all of the Lancome products! they are great so I will definitely buy Lancome items again when i come across them

Thank you so much dear Dave Lackie for this little gift :) loving it very much! xx


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  1. wow so lucky was it one of his competitions?

    1. Yes it was from one of his twitter competitions :) was very lucky to receive it.

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