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Laser Treatments and Anti-Aging Skin Care

Very few people take aging lightly.  It seems like everyone is seeking the fountain of youth.  Although the mystical fountain may not be real, it doesn’t mean you have to accept aging skin.  There are steps you can take to help make your skin look younger. Better yet, there are treatment options to reverse some signs of aging.  If you are unsure about your options, here is a simple guide to help you with making a choice.


How Does a Laser Work?

The answer depends on which Laser is being used. Laser refers to a handheld device that uses a single spectrum of light energy to deliver heat to cells.  The term laser is also used to refer to other devices that are technically not actual lasers.

Here’s a short list of other methods used for anti-aging treatments in skin care clinics:

Ultherapy – These machines use ultrasound technology to target the cells.

Microdermabrasion – This device uses crystals to scrub at the skin while vacuuming away the dead cells.

Radio-frequency – Instead of light energy, these machines use radio waves to treat the skin.

what-is-a-laser-facial-treatmentSkin Care Treatments

There are a wide variety of treatments to care for skin conditions – acne scar reduction, tattoo removal, spider vein reduction, wrinkle removal, and so on.  Here are just a few of them:

Skin resurfacing – This treatment is considered the best method for removing wrinkles.  It removes a layer of skin in order to remove the dead or damaged cells in order to promote healing and rejuvenation.

Hair removal – In this treatment, the hair removal laser targets the hair follicles, heating them until the root is destroyed.

Face Lift – This highly invasive method removes excess skin and  repositions or removes any fat pockets to sculpt the facial region.

Skin tightening – This method targets the cells in the dermal layer, boring micro sized holes into the skin to force the skin to react by healing itself.  In doing so, the dermis creates collagen to fill and tighten the skin.


Caring for Your Skin at Home

We’ve told you about how different lasers and other devices can help reverse the signs of aging.  The most crucial treatment is the one you give yourself at home.  Skin care starts with you.  Start by washing your skin with a gentle cleanser.  Harsh cleansers strip away essential oils.  When you dry, don’t rub your skin with a towel.  Instead, use the towel to pat the moisture away.  Follow by applying a light moisturizer to your skin.  This simple procedure removes the toxins that cause your skin to age.  Using SPF sunblock will help prevent further sun damage.

Don’t be fooled by lotions or creams that promise you’ll look younger.  They are really nothing more than moisturizers and don’t produce sensational results.  Following the simple skin care method mentioned above will generally give you the same outcome as the expensive anti-aging products.  Also note that both only help with mild skin care issues.

The Right Choice

Now that you’ve heard about various methods of anti-aging and laser treatments, you can make a more informed decision.  Start by taking care of your skin at home.  But when your skin needs more serious help, consider getting a laser treatment.  It can give you a real boost to your confidence and make you feel better about the person looking back at you in the mirror.  Something that makes you feel like that is the right choice for you.


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  1. Vanessa says:

    Skin resurfacing seems to be the option I could possibly think about seriously!

    But what are the after effects?

    Mt Grand Mother only ever used Ponds Cold Cream and had the most amazing skin until her demise at 70! Every beauty house tries to sell their products as THE Best, but aren’t they all based on money making at the end if the day! I hAve an amazing array of facial creams, oils, anti-wrinkle etc and only one seems to really show some differences when used on its own and not mixed up wiyh others,

    1. Melissa says:

      I also have a large selection of facial creams but they onky do so much and then seem to half stop working. I swear by the Lancome Advanced Genifique serum tho. But laster treatments seem like a more permanent option.

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