Late periods.. Annoying pregnancy tests & getting “snipped”

What is it with skipping a period that gets us all stressed out, well it’s the obvious! Falling pregnant is a real stress, especially if you are like me and already have two kids and think a third might kill you.

At the beginning of this year me and hubby decided he was gonna go for the big snip.. After I put my foot down and said I didn’t wanna be the one to do it. I mean I had a c-section, a laparoscopy, been prodded and pocked by Dr’s and gave birth on my lounge floor! ….. I’M DONE!!!!  I am also soooo done with birth control that makes my hormones go wack and drives me even more into depression.

I mean do not get me wrong, we thought about a third child, especially since we have two girls and a boy would be really great. But I just do not think ill survive it. Emotionally, and physically not sure if my nerves can handle three little monsters. Never mind the financial side of things.. Plus I am still waiting for someone to tell me where the hell to fit in the 3rd car seat!?

My freaking periods are 5 days late now and I have officially reached the stage where I am doing a pregnancy test every hour to check what the hell is going on lol, please tell me I am not the only one that does this!? It is like the mind plays tricks on us and we just want to be sure.

Do one test and its negative.. do another just to check cause periods have still not pitched up…

Get a Test with a very light blue line… Then reach panic mode …

Go buy 5 more tests … Do two more …

Pink one with slight shadow line. Its a line, but its not a line. Now what?

I do not trust pregnancy tests, you see when we were desperately trying to fall pregnant with our second, I did a test one morning and it clearly showed negative. I left it in the bathroom and went for my morning jog and checked it when I got back again, still negative.  It was at least 5 hours later when my cleaning lady came to me with the test and it had two very clear lines on it!!! She was cleaning the bathroom when she found it and came to ask me wtf.

It took hours to develop properly and sure as hell I was pregnant with baby Violet. If I had thrown that test in the bin and not done another, then I wouldn’t have known I was pregnant.

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I am probably gonna get my periods today and then feel like a fool for over thinking everything. Why is it that sometimes pregnancy tests are the one test you can do and be sad regardless of the result, sad if its negative cause it would kind of maybe be nice to have a baby again, or sad when it is positive because you are not sure what you are gonna do with another baby lol

I think a big part of it for me is I remember what it was like struggling to fall pregnant and every month we would pray to just pleased see two lines.

What is your current plan? Having more kids? is someone in your house getting snipped?




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  1. Chané says:

    I know the feeling of period being 5 days late and tests being negative. Not being sure if we are ready or not for our second… and then on day 6 period starts… I’m never late. And yet I’ve had it happen twice in the last 2 months all of a sudden. No explanation.. We do want another though…

  2. Ronnae Elliott says:

    I wouls love to have 1 more as my daughter turned 1 in February. I worry about finances and if I wait to long maybe I wont be able to have another.

  3. I buy 100 tests when I’m late… Having 2 kids already.. I always pray its negative and when it is, I take 99 more just to be sure

  4. As much as I’d love to have more kids, right now it isn’t practical. But completely know this feeling. With Axl, I was 135 days late before any tests came back positive, lol!

    1. Melissa says:

      Wow that crazy that you were so late and not getting a positive test. I did go for blood test but it was negative with 0.5hcg. I still haven’t gotten my periods tho. So I am feeling very unsure at the moment v

  5. Have totally been there!

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