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Letibalm Repair Balm is a winter lifesaver!

I have recently discovered Letibalm and it has been an absolute life saver! Such a super handy item for its size and price, I would never have thought of buying it. I know I say it is a winter life saver but this is actually an all year round must have in the house.


Letibalm is a gentle, restorative balm that moisturizes dry skin on your lips and nose area. Dry lips and the skin around your nose and lips is a big problem in winter and also when you have flu and are constantly blowing away at your nose. It can be hell to have dry skin in these areas, unpleasant and very annoying when it comes to makeup application because no foundation looks good on that kind of dry skin.

Letibalm fluido

Letibalm also adds a protective layer to treated areas and this helps prevent any more damage. It comes in three different versions, a Letibalm Repair Balm 10ml jar, a Letibalm Paediatric Repair Balm as well as  Letibalm Fuido tube. They are all great and all work just as well, the Fluido tube is maybe more convenient to carry around in your handbag if you prefer that kind of application that is more like a lipbalm type consistency.

solution for dry winter skin and cracked lips and nose

I am very happy that it also comes in a paediatric version for children 0-8 years of age. The paediatric version smells so yummy and my daughter is happy to have it applied, she often gets dry skin on and around her lips and nose and sometimes a little red rash and this Letibalm helps so so much for it. You can see the difference from one application. I have now taken to applying a little for her in the cold mornings before she goes off to play school and her skin is looking much better so thank you Letibalm!!!

Price & Stockists:

Letibalm Paediatric (10ml jar) for children 0 to 8 years old – RRP R70

Letibalm 10ml liquid tube or 10ml jar – RRP R70

Stockists: Dis-Chem, selected Pick n Pay stores and leading pharmacies.

I found them along the rows by the tills in Dischem and for only R70 its definitely worth buying! The  little jar seems small but you only use a small amount to cover a good area so it will last long and help get you through the winter with your facial skin intact.

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