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Lipidol Cleansing Oils for Face and Body.

Lipidol Cleansing oils

I feel a little slow to the party because I am only getting around to trying Lipidol now. I honestly do not know why I have not tried it before because I am normally very keen on any kind of oil product. I find it so important to keep my skin well moisturized and there is no better way to do that than to include a cleansing oil into your routine. Especially important for me now that I am pregnant, I am adding as much moisture and oils to my skin as possible to try and avoid stretch marks.

Lipidol cleansing oils

Cleansing oils are great because they help clean your skin but they do not strip your skin of important natural moisture that it has. They leave your skin feeling soft, clean and moisturized.  These lipidol cleansing oils  are very pleasant to use and affordable at only R79-95 each, you an buy them at Clicks stores.

How to use Lipidol cleansing oils.

I have been testing out the Lipidol cleansing Body oil as well as the Face Oil. I find them both to be lovely. They can be used in the shower or bath, the facial cleansing oil Is best used by applying a few drops to dry hands and massaging into dry skin so that it has a chance to bond with all the dirt and makeup and then you can add some water and continue washing.  the Cleansing body can be used in the same way or just massaged onto wet skin.

Lipidol oils

The oils contain a special blend of Argan oil, Sesame Seed oil, Saw Palmetto oil and Neem oil that provide nutrition to the skin. These oils are especially fantastic for the winter months when skin is more delicate and dry, they add moisture during your cleansing process and then you can just top up with your usual creams and serums after cleansing. Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil and Cleansing Body Oil are fragranced with essential oils and colored using natural plant extracts.
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These are definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a budget friendly cleansing option that is good for your skin.


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  1. Ayanda Moloi says:

    This product sounds amazing.I am also currently pregnant,therefore my skin is especially dry.Its not easy finding a cleansing oil that does as it promises without breaking the bank.Definately going to give it a try :)

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