LOL Winter Disco Surprise Dolls- Win a Fluffy Pet

A few new LOL Winter Disco Surprise items have launched in South Africa and we got to review a few of them.

I have never given in to buying Zoe LOL before, even after her beginning me for them. I just never understood what all the fuss was about and it’s hard to buy something that comes in a blind bag and I’m not actually seeing what my kids are getting for the money I am spending.

I could actually kick myself because these cute LOL surprise dolls are much more fun and worth while than I would have expected. The element of surprise they give the kids is just so fun to watch.

LOL winter Disco series

The LOL winter Disco series has launched and it’s super fun! Buy one of each of the varients and you can stack them up like a snowman glitter globe!

The LOL Winter Disco series has Glitter Globe dolls, LILs dolls and the fun new Fluffy pets! Each hidden inside a different sized snow globe so that they can be stacked.

Violet unboxed the Fluffy Pets over on our Insta Stories, I have saved it on my highlights so you can go have a look at it HERE. We had so much fun and she is completely in love with her Fluffy Pet. We have one to giveaway so keep reading to see how you can win!

Each Fluffy pet comes with 9 surprises to open and find! Each accessory and item is individually packaged in a blind bag so the fun keeps coming and the element of surprise really has the kids beyond excited.

The Fluffy Pets come covered in Fluff and then the fluff can be removed like clothes and stuck on and off. Underneath you have a cute LOL puppy who you can feed water to with the bottle. Some can pee others cry or change color and pee. So each one has fun interactive play.

LOL Surprise Fluffy Pets
LOL Winter Disco Fluffy Pets

Zoe unboxed the LOL Surprise Sparkle Doll over on our IGTV, it was her first LOL unboxing and was really fun to watch. I love how the dolls are wrapped up in several layers of wrapping to get to the actual doll and surprises. Much better than just quickly opening something an it’s over. Again the accessories and items were all individually wrapped in blind bags.

I LOVE the sparkly doll. It’s so glittery and fun. I also love that the dolls are interactive, you can put water in their bottles and feed them. They can then either Cry or pee, change color. The doll came with clothes, sun glasses and it’s bottle.

The biggest and best of the lot is the LOL Surprise glitter globe

Unbox 8 surprises including all new floating glitter with L.O.L. Surprise!™ Glitter Globe™. For the first time ever, feed the doll water with the bottle, and the water reveals beautiful, glimmering glitter inside their hair. Move them around or even turn them upside down to see the amazing snow globe effect. Collect all 12 brand new, glittery dolls that are ready for the LOL Winter Disco , like Snow Leopard and Sleigh Babe. Dolls also include and additional water surprise, like spitting and colour change. Each doll comes packaged in a beautiful, crystal-shaped ball with a clear front to use as a display case. Add water to the ball to reveal another colourful, glitter surprise, because the ball becomes a snow globe, too! Collect L.O.L. Surprise!™ Glitter Globe™, Pets, and Lils™ in the Winter Disco™ Series, and you can connect the balls together to create a beautiful Snow B.B. Collect them all!


  • Secret Message
  • Bubble Pacifier
  • Bottle
  • Accessory
  • Outfit
  • Shoes
  • Glitter Globe™ doll with Glitter Hair
LOL Surprise winter Disco Glitter Globe


Head over to my Instagram or Facebook page and enter to WIN a LOL Winter Disco Fluffy Pets worth R450

LOL Surprise series is available from the following retailers:

-L.O.L SURPRISE FLUFFY PETS – Toy Kingdom/ Toyzone/ Toys R Us/ Checkers


-L.O.L SURPISE LILS IN PDQ – Toy Kingdom/ Toyzone/ Toys R Us/ Checkers   


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