Loreal Infallible 24H Matte Foundation

Loreal Infallible 24H Matte Foundation was send from heaven! It has been a while since I found a foundation that I got really excited about, one that impressed me so much that it became my new favorite. My main issue with foundation is that it doesn’t last the day and ends up so oily that it basically just melts off. And ja sure some setting spray and powder helps a bit…. But I am dying for a simple smear it on my face and walk out the door easy long lasting foundation!!!! Yes please hehe.

Loreal Infallible 24h Matte foundation

So the other day I was walking around Clicks trying not to spend money lol and I remember seeing Rayne with this Loreal foundation and she said it was really nice. So obviously when I walked past it I just had to have it, now its R189 and I was not sure about taking it cause like I said I was trying not to spend money. But screw it, I bought it anyways and I am so very glad that I did cause It is the best foundation I have had in ages!! YAY whoop whoop :) Little happy dance!

Loreal Infallible

The first time I tried this foundation out I was a bit worried about it being too drying for my skin, It really did feel a bit dry and tight after applying it but I thought I would let It go through its settling phase and see how it lasts for the day. It ended up being great and made for flawless matte skin all day long! I know my skin in the mornings after washing doesn’t seem oily but about an hour or two into my day then the oil starts building and this is when my foundation fails me. The Loreal Infallible is perfect for this cause it starts out feeling dry but when my skin starts kicking out its oil then it balances out perfectly!

Infallible 24H Matte Foundation

I was pleasantly surprised with the wonderful cover I got from this foundation, you can build it to absolute flawless skin with very little product and I feel like I don’t even need concealer when using this cause the matte cover it gives is great. Look at the above pictures of swatches blended on my hand, notice how the first pic you can see I have dark marks like little freckles on my hand and look at the last pic how perfectly covered it all is! And that was from just a little bit of product. It Is light weight and non-cakey, flawless no shine finish with all day wear! Who doesn’t want that?! ;)

Loreal Paris

The cute little tube that the product is in is also very nice, nice modern packaging with the classy Loreal look. For R189 35ml tube, this is actually a bargain for what you are getting. Overall I am really very impressed with this foundation and I can see it being my new holy grail staple foundation from now on. So maybe while you are out doing your weekend shopping or like me just browsing trying not to spend money , then maybe check out this wonderful product!


Loreal Infallible foundation

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